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  1. A bit of further news. Still got no where with Ebay and still waiting for the phone to be returned. As it turns out, I am not out of pocket my paypal account is in debt by £100...which basically means once the phone is returned all I have to do is sell it again but not through ebay. Ebay and Paypal..well I think we will part company. Debt collectors will be sent after me, however they cannot do anything as there is no substantiated debt as such, there are standard letters for that kind of thing. I was toying with the idea of replying to their demands in the same method they have
  2. Thanks, strangely since ditching ebay I feel a lot happier. Still got the mess to sort out and will post here with the progress and outcome, strongly suspect it will end up in small claims court as I cannot afford to lose that money, but its more than that now. Its the responses that bare no relation to my complaints, if they had not put the missing IMEI sticker bit in the decision I would have probably just accepted it, but no acceptance or apology for their mistake makes the blood boil.
  3. I am sure this has been said before, but am now in a bit of a battle with customer services. I will not bore everyone with the specifics (there are many pages of those), however I sold a phone for spares which was defective. The symptoms were explained extremely clearly in the description. A case was raised against me for an additional symptom one that was connected to the one I posted in the description that I was unaware of, however was, in my mind, directly connected (I stated the SIM was not being recognised, but 1 reboot of the phone in 50 odd would see the SIM, the buyer stated the
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