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  1. When I say 'friend' I mean I know him and used to use him for any repairs and MOT's and the like. I'm not sure how he sold it on and it's not my place to ask really. If this is the only way of sorting it, what do I need to ask him? Thank you
  2. Hi guys. Here's my story in a nutshell. 6 months ago I sold my car. I filled in the necessary documents and thought all was ok. A few months later I started receiving fines (9 of them in total so far totalling £1000+) for parking and bus lane contraventions in Leeds & Bradford. I live 70 miles away. I contacted the buyer, he said it has been sold on twice since then. I contacted the DVLA, they said I was the current owner on the system and the only way to change this was to send them a letter stating who I sold it to. I did this and received a letter back saying that
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