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  1. Not a member of either. London Chamber of Commerce seem to charge £524.40 for being a member so not too sure about that. Will check trade association but joining that seems to take some time for them to verify references and that. Was hoping to do it sooner.
  2. Is there a simple template for a contract that I could use for future work? Yes, they didn't tell me anything. Not by phone or by text or by writing. I'll start with that. Thanks
  3. Well what other evidence would I need besides invoices? I suppose after-pictures would help but never thought about it.
  4. Now that I've been through this I will surely do. But in this case since they are not denying that I've worked for them or what properties I've worked on, just saying that I've made mistakes and refused to fix them(and I wasn't even told that I've made mistakes, I just found out when I called about why didn't I receive the full amount), is there be nothing I can do?
  5. But wouldn't that be like saying that I've done wrong and if they can spot what? At the end of the week I complete the invoice with what properties/work I have done for that week and send it to them. I keep copies but they have only my signature on them since I send them by e-mail, now I see that is a mistake. Thanks. Don't have a written contract, just a verbal contract with the manager that offers the work. I ask how much does he pay and for what work and if we both agree then I start the work. Never had issues like this so didn't think about a written contract.
  6. Hi, Not sure if this is the right subforum to post this but I've seen a thread similar to mine so I'll leave this here. Have a bit of an issue with the last company I've worked for and was hoping you guys could help me out with some advice. I'm a self employed tiler and I worked for about a month for a company in London doing kitchen/bathroom tiling. After the site was finished they paid me but not the full amount, about £500 after tax were missing. I called the manager I worked for and he said he'll look into it. Next day I called him again and he said that I made some mis
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