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  1. I also dealt with similar situation with two of my previous landlords. I contacted them by email and told that if they dont change my locks then i will deduct it from my next months payment.As Conniff said its not an good idea but a simple email like that worked for me. Unless you have a bad landlord then you will have to seek more expert advise. My personal view -Worst case scenario- get house insurance, keep payments u to date,stay on the good side of law and, look for a new flat and give notice and move out and avoid bad people. But before worst case scenario someone will be able to give mo
  2. Thanks steampowered for the reply. So there is still a chance and will keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks HB for the link. Will update once i get my certificate. My concern was- can they register the fine with courts or enforce it when they don't have my current address as letters would be going back to them as addressee gone away
  4. Thanks for the reply. But is there a possibility that i will have a conviction etc for unpaid FPN ? I wanted to know the possible scenarios of what might have happened.
  5. I was handed ''Breach of Peace'' FPN in 03/2014. I didnt do anything about it as I left UK in same 03/2014 and never returned back. As I stopped living at the address on which FPN was issued i never got the chance to see future developments or letters etc. Now i am immigrating to another country and will need to get Police Certificate from https://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx. Now what would have happened by now given they don't know my address. Secondly what will show in my police certificate ?
  6. hello, I am expecting debt collectors/ court to issue - warrants, arrestment etc. I was wondering that what happens if one has savings which go to Credit Union unlike banks. Also, lets say a member opts for shares in Credit Union what happens in the above situations. Thanks
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