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  1. I do intend on attending court but I was just thinking as my business account is in my company's name does the court have the right to request those statements?
  2. Just to update, I sent a letter to IND in an effort to set up a monthly payment of £200.00 to avoid going to court, but they simply said that I would still need to go to court in September. As I recently started a Ltd company would I need to submit my company's bank statements as I am listed a a director or just my personal bank statements? I receive dividends and a salary through my company.
  3. No I didn't, the whole situation is such a mess I am just hoping I am able to reach an agreement with Arrow global/IND without going to court.
  4. Thanks for your reply dx, I actually do not know who got the original ccj, I guess I will need to find that out. I did send SAR to Arrow Global as I was told that they possessed all the information regarding the account, given that they now own the debt. It does make sense to contact HSBC so I will certainly do that this week.
  5. Hello all, I am delighted to have stumbled across such a delightful forum and I am hoping someone will be able to help me with my situation. In 2004 I took out a loan for £5k with HSBC for a family member who was down on her luck (silly I know). The agreement was for her to pay the monthly repayments which she did for a while. I moved from my area towards the end of 2004 and thus was unaware that the account had gone into arrears as the family member assured me that she had been paying religiously. I know I should have taken a more proactive approach in dealing with this debt but I didn’t think it would have come to this. A few weeks ago I received a letter informing me that this debt has been transferred to my local court for enforcement, Arrow Global is the claimant. When I rang the court I was told that I am due to attend court on 24th September 2013 for an order for questioning. Also a CCJ was registered against my name in November 2007. I have contacted Arrow Global to see whether I could make an offer for payment, they transferred me to IND who isn’t willing to negotiate and expect me to attend court on the 24th September to discuss my financial affairs. Given that I have had no correspondence regarding this debt is there anything that I can do to avoid attending Court. I have made a SAR to Arrow Global so I am just awaiting the information to see how much money was paid over the years. The debt now stands at £5360.76 Any help will be appreciated.
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