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  1. Oh well thank you very much anyway hopefully someone else will come along who will know. I've googled but cannot find anything specific re the order of refund/return. The seller still hasn't responded to my claim anyway, no surprise, I suspect she plans to wait until the last day possible !
  2. Hi i'm pretty certain that paypal make you return the goods first and advise the seller only to refund upon return ........or is it the other way round , Paypal refund and THEN you return ? Pleeeeeeeeeeese say the latter
  3. Sadly no, i paid with paypal . I have opened a paypal case but of course that'll only cover the original costs and not the return costs .......so I don't know why I did that really
  4. Hi this is my first post so apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong place. Last week I purchased two extra large cat carriers from online retailer Hoof and Hound Pet Supplies. They are extra large carriers and are in the manufacturers catalogue for cats and dogs ( same item number ) and are the largest offered.I paid for next day delivery and they arrived as expected, next day. Immediately upon unpacking I felt the carriers seemed flimsy. The lid doesn't fit properly and overhangs the top on one side by over and inch, consequently leaving a gap of over an inch on the other side. Ev
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