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  1. I do not see that this constitutes a 'tidying up' the thread has been hacked to pieces by a mod who misread the original post and then sought to give bad advice and then harass me when he realised his mistake. There were two thrusts: I take on-board the BCOBS I gave that consideration, and will give it some more; but the second thrust was lost the midst of one of my posts which has been deleted and that is: The OFT test case ruled on whether the OFT could judge the fairness of bank charges. I am not the OFT; so how does that court case stop me from making a representation to the cour
  2. Many thanks for the reply. My arranged overdraft is £350, and so I went about £8 over this. The payments were not direct debits, they were card transactions to my local shop.
  3. Could someone advise me on the current state of play with regards to bank charges. I have just logged in to my online banking and I see that I will be charged a total of £110 on the 22nd. These relate to 2 paid card transactions @£25 each (within about 30 mins of each other, one for about £4 the other for £6 - I thought if I had no money in the account the transactions would be declined). And a £20 arranged overdraft fee, and a £40 unarranged overdraft fee. (And as intimated above, I am quite sure I was only into the realm of unarranged overdraft because they cleared a card tran
  4. On the contrary than you very much for such a quick reply! I think you have hit the nail on the head, I will get that in the post tomorrow!!
  5. Egg/B'card/Marlin - I will give an overview, but may be better to just skip to the end... I had an account with Egg. 1st problem Egg took direct debit of too much and took it twice in 2 days. Complained, and I got a half hearted sorry; but it cost me bank charges so I cancelled the DD and paid by cheque from then on. Even though I was paying they harassed me and sometimes phoned me 3 times day (the staff were lovely - they thought because my name was unisex they could make weak puns and just be extremely rude to me each time they called.), even after I sent the usual 'o
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