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  1. Do you know if part of building regs you have to insulate flat roof? He put steels in etc and I have an incling they should insulate as part of building regs but made me pay for it although initially he was supposed to provide all material required for the job apart from paint flooring kitchen bathroom for residential part.
  2. He said if we want insulation we have to order it otherwise they aren't going to insulate it. So he measured up and said goto buildbase and order 15 sheets and I will collect it. He collected it and only ever unloaded 10 sheets and the area he has insulated roughly measure to 10 sheets worth. So blatantly taken 5. I have invoice for 15 and cctv shows only 10 were bought in!
  3. Hi I am having some reconfiguration work done, to increase the size of my retail unit by taking some walls out etc. A building inspector is involved to check the steels. I requested to have insulation put in the ceiling, now I am not sure if this needed to be done as part of building regs, however my builder said if I order the insulation he will collect and put it in. He measured up and told me to order 15 sheets of it at £50 a sheet, so I went and ordered it. He collected it. But when he bought it he only unloaded 10 sheets which I found out by accident when checking my cctv for something else, and the area they have put the insulation in for is about 10 sheets worth, the remaining ceiling he now says they are not doing due to water pipes etc, but kind of indirectly said, there isn't any left anyway! I am 100% sure he hasn't bought anymore and the merchant said he collected all the sheets at the same time. Is this classed as theft? Or would i need to take him to small claims if i wanted to take further and he doesn't back down? Its more about the principle of the matter rather than the money, as he measured up and told me what to order but blatently taken the p***! I know he has as he was telling me before the price of insulation is sky high at the minute and trying to get hold of as much as he can when it comes cheap but struggling to get it cheap!!!
  4. Where could I see what the value of the history would be? Also is there anybody I could goto like ombudsman you have in banking if they don't make a better offer to resolve?
  5. The dealer is inchape. No not falsified copy but it seems as though maybe a duplicate copy of the history was printed at a mercedes dealer that's all.
  6. They showed us the service history printouts and were on Mercedes headed paper so we kind of trusted them. The dealership is a big dealership with many mercedes and BMW dealerships etc so you would think the info they gave sad correct. How do we find out the value of the history?
  7. Hi We purchased a used Mercedes about 2 months ago, and it was advertised as having full main dealer history. We recently serviced it at a main dealer and it came to light that it doesn't have. Main dealer history however it seems to have been done at decent garages as it shows on merc systems that the services have been done when required. I have taken this up with the dealer I purchased it from and they have offered £150 to settle the complaint. The vehicle is a 2014 plate. I have a recording of the call when I enquired about the car and v they said it had full main dealer merc history and also a copy of the video they made for me to see before I went to view it which also says full main dealer history on there too. Would this be classed as mis selling and should I / could I go for more than £150?
  8. Not at all... It wasn't me.. However 'roaringmouse' if you don't have anything constructive to say... Then don't bother posting on this thread.. Thank you
  9. Yes employee supremacy however they are saying no badge was displayed and again their photos aren't clear enough to confirm no badge was displayed...
  10. Ultimately I would rather have in writing that matter has been dropped. You say or lose on court, do you think they would Win? With incorrect evidence?
  11. A friend of mine got a ticket for going through a red light, however he cannot remember who was driving the car whether it was him or a friend that has now moved back to India. He has requested a photo to help him, however if it was his friend, he can provide all details, would they request insurance documents or would that be upto his friend to provide that information?
  12. I don't think she is, however I will check. I would have thought regardless of whether she is in a union or not we should have a case....?
  13. My mum works for the NHS and was parked in an allocated bay for employees, however she recieved a parking ticket. We disputed this and it was declined and has now been passed to another company, bwlegal I believe. We asked for photographic evidence and the date on the photo was Jan 2015,however the ticket was issued on jan 2016. We didn't own the car in 2015,and my argument with the company is that the evidence didn't match the date of the supposed offense and if we were to goto court, the court would throw it out because of inconsistent dates... Bwlegal state that it must have been an error on the camera and that the payment is still due, I said how can it be, it's like me placing you at the scene of a crime in January 2016 but my evidence shows Jan 2015,the court wouldn't accept that evidence ,they said we will still persue the debt and the amount will keep increasing. Out of principle we don't wish to pay as my mum was entitled to park there however they have rejected those grounds and even if her boss writes to them they say not possible to appeal... Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Whats the highest LTV that's available these days on buy to let mortgages? I am in the market to buy a few investment properties and would rather get a bigger loan to vale as possible, for example 90% loan to value...
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