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  1. The money will get re-funded, i have done this 2 times. By closing time for the bank you will have the money refunded into your account then a letter will come through the post requesting your signature and other information (anti fraud stuff) then you have to return it in 10 days. If you do not, the bank then take the refunded money out of your account. When they refund you, its the bank that actually take the loss while they wait for you to sign a form to confirm you want the refund within the 10 days and after that Visa will chase up the Payday Loan company's bank and return the money to your bank. There is probably alot more to it than that, but its generally how it works. My suggestion, report your card lost/stolen so you get a new account number and CCV number on the back of the card then the PDL company cannot touch your account. I did it 2 months ago and no PDL company has been able to empty the bank account, i obviously get loads of emails stating they have attempted to take the money but it has not gone through.
  2. Strange, it just will not load for me. Yet every other website i try does.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else has used these before? I have sent them some emails about repayment plans and trying to stop harassing text a few weeks ago and never got a reply. So checked the website last night and again today but it seems to have gone? Usually at Quid24 i get a reply instantly from the emails i send but nothing. Was there ever a confirmation on the PDL's that stopped business in this sector? Also if they have closed what would you suggest about the money i currently owe.
  4. Hello, new user here. Ive recently come under financial struggle and had 2 loans with lending stream and paid 3 months for each of them but struggled last month and emailed them about it to see if they can half the months payment required and put it on the next one as i would of been able to pay it all in one go then. They refused but instead tried to set me up a 3rd loan account covering the payments, i didnt take it as thats more interest i would be paying but since they refused to help me i refused to pay as i simply could not anyway and i am now contacting debt charity. How ever i just got 2 emails today from LS stating my accounts have been terminated for failure to update my account after a default within 14 days. Thats fine, they will now chase the money and harrass me but the thing i noticed is on the email it stats im still going to be hit with interest until i have paid it off? So they can cancel my account and demand the money upfront but continue to add interest like i still hold a contract with them and its still in good order? Sounds iffy to me. Currently my 1st loan remaining of £170 is now £320 with all the fees they have hit me with after not being able to pay the 1 month. Now they will keep adding interest even though my account has been "terminated" Am i reading into termination incorrectly and presuming the account should now be "closed" with no more fee's being added but they obviously have the right to chase up the original loan sum which im happy to pay off but i am not happy or capable of paying off insane fee's such as these which seem to be happening.
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