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  1. Hi, our consultant was supposed to be referring my wife 12 days ago. Neither our GP or the clinic we have been referred to has heard from the consultant! The clinic told us today that the wait once they have received the referral is 5 months. Hearing the possibility of another 5 months on top of the 3 months my wife has already been suffering, without a diagnosis or hint of what, if any treatment will be, brought my wife to her knees, literally! Of course I am helpless to help her. What can I do? Again, please don't get me wrong. These things happen to people. It could have been me or anyon
  2. Hi dent, it is rude of me not to reply sooner but I am thinking 'what's the use?' I have written this reply over and over, and deleted it each time as again, 'what's the use?' In terms of progress towards a definite diagnosis or following treatment we are no further on. In fact today we got a bit of a shock when we were told news that makes either diagnosis or treatment something that we shouldn't expect for at least 6 months! Any more detail than this is just too depressing to write I'm afraid. Thanks very much for your concern it is much appreciated.
  3. Over 2 months after consulting a doctor we still have no diagnosis?
  4. Hi, I thought I would update this thread with the latest developments. So far - 3rd June problem starts and doctor refers my wife to see a consultant. 4 weeks later, 3rd July we get to see a consultant who refers my wife to have an 'urgent' MRI scan. 4 weeks later, 1st August, after a direct complaint to the NHS a week ago, my wife has a scan and told to see consultant for results. Consultant is not available for a week! On holiday I presume. So over 2 months from the initial doctors consultation, we still havn't got a diagnosis? I am not talking about 'treatment' here, but 'di
  5. Our 'urgent' was due to the fact that we need to assess (MRI scan) the current damage as there is also a real risk of further damage the longer the condition is left unaddressed. As it is my wife is already only able to walk a short distance with a stick and a devise to keep her foot off the floor. We are having to use a wheelchair to get out of the house. Things may be moving in the right direction now due to the support of our consultant, our GP, and a phone call of complaint from ourselves.
  6. Well, listening to my wife groaning even in her sleep under the influence of her medicines last night brought A&E to mind to be honest. But today it sounded a bit more promising, when the consultant heard that my wife had gotten worse and that the hospital had put her down as non urgent, she is going to contact the hospital to explain my wife's case. I say promising but let's see. And thanks again to you people for your support.
  7. Thanks you for that. We have just heard that our doctor is away for 2 weeks not 1 !? P.S. the PALS is in England only. We live in Wales.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I havn't responded straight away as I wasn't sure of our situation but now I know. After lot's of phone calls and emails it is obvious we are not getting anywhere! Our consultant has apparently put that our case is 'urgent' but the hospital have decided it isn't and a wait of 3-4 months is possible. I have to say that this is 'impossible'. We have been told that the hospital will only review their decision if my wife's condition get's worse. And since our consultancy meeting it has got a lot worse and drug dosages have been increased by our doc
  9. Hi all, sorry for the formal layout of my question but I think it best gives the details. 6 weeks ago my wife developed a stiff leg and before the end of the day had to be brought home from school (a teacher)unable to walk. Doctor diagnosed sciatica and prescribed tablets. (these have been increased weekly as there has been increased pain and unable to sleep at nights) Also the foot had dropped in this time and a hired wheelchair is now used for mobility. We waited 4 weeks to see a consultant. Consultant diagnosed the drop foot and pain as being related to a disc operation approx 15 year
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