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  1. I'll clarify a few points so you can all understand a little bit more. When i got a vist from customer compliance last year i told them about the isa accounts and subsequently had my benefit reduced which is fair enough, then i spent money on kids at xmas which everyone knows can be expensive, i had bills at that time aswell so i submitted updated accounts with all receipts to see if the benefits could go up slightly. Its only recently that they tell me that the decision maker needs all accounts and transactions from the claim started 3 years ago and want to know where the money came fro
  2. well its the truth, couldve hid the money and signed on but i didnt and im not gonna say i got the money from somewhere else bcos i didnt. All i can be now is truthful and if they dont believe that or make it really difficult for me then i'll sign off and live off what i have, keep all the statements to show what ive spent it on i.e. living expenses and then sign on again if need be
  3. I told them i had over 3k but was told by somene that i didnt have to declare the isa as it was tax free and thats what i did, i really had no clue otherwise
  4. At the time of making the money i was not working at all, was paying full rent for my property and not claiming a thing
  5. i'll give totals for the accounts in the month before i claimed just so as they know i havent deprived myself of the capital but im not giving details of transactions going in and out cos as far as im concerned they only need to know the totals. Catch 22 situation, if i spend the capital its deprivation of capital and if i dont spend it they'll wonder how i can afford to live on benefit and not spend savings
  6. Your 100% correct! they found out about it last year and deducted money but now they have come back with a letter saying they want statements from when i first made my claim which was 2yrs previous to them finding out. I think they should have asked me then what i had in the accounts from the start and i cant prove that i won it gambling, i used to visit poker schools, pubs, private sessions etc and had the money saved at home and then decided to bank it just before i quit gambling for good as gambling whilst on jsa is illegal as no one is gonna give you money to look for work when they know y
  7. Hi Honeybee and thank you. Im guessing im on income based as the amount i get has dropped from £71 odds to £58 odds because of savings i have.
  8. I had no clue that when i claimed jsa that my claim would be affected if i had between 6k and 16k in savings so didnt think to tell them what i had. Recently the customer compliance unit got in touch and demanded up to date totals in my account and jsa subsequently docked my benefit by £13 per week. Now they want to know how i amassed the 9k in my bank. before i claimed jsa i did not work but did gamble in poker clubs etc with good wins and i banked the money. Its legally and rightfully mine and i no longer gamble which is the reason im on jsa to try and gain long term employment but will anyt
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