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  1. It is income based and I also receive council tax benefit Thanks for replying in advance
  2. [html] [/html]Just a quick update firstly no one turned up on Wednesday and no payments apart from £50 have been made. As shortly after the arrangement was agreed I was laid off from work and just couldn't afford the £200 a month they insisted was the minimum amount we could pay. I have received no reply from the council with regards to the amount of the liability or any of the questions. I have however recieved an email from Jacobs Bailiffs the contents of which are To Dear Mr Thank you for your email, the content of which has been noted. Mr[EDIT] a
  3. Thanks for the replies and advice without which I wouldn't have know where to start as of yet no one has turned up today from Jacobs bailiffs and I will await their response to my request for a list of their charges I will also contact them and put it to them that the levy is no more than an excuse to put money in the pockets of modern day "DICK" Turpins Thanks again to everyone I will post as soon as I hear from them.
  4. The items listed are the only seating although he listed Green settee 3 seat it is actually a blue three piece suite (settee and two chairs) the tv is 5yrs old 42" screen. I have sent them as an email and posted a hard copy of the letter you suggested also requested all the information from my local council as you know from my op they were supposed to be coming to today to seize the goods as yet no one has turned up. Thanks again for your help I cant see that even if I let them take the items they would sell for the amount they say I owe so what happens if this is the case?
  5. Firstly Thank you to all who took the time to reply, I'll try and answer all the questions with one post. So here goes yes he has been in the house and yes my wife signed a walking possession the items on it are as follows :- Green settee 3 seat, dining room table + 6 chairs, Flat screen LG, Glass tv stand. According to their records the balance outstanding is £714.34 to which they have added Levy and walking possession fees of £ 46.00 and £12.00 and £24.50 under the heading of other fees making a total of £796.84. There has been £50 paid to the bailiffs for which I have a rece
  6. To cut a long story short we had council tax arrears and were contacted by Jacobs Bailiffs. Not having been in this situation before my wife rang the phone number on the letter and agreed to someone coming round to help sort out a payment plan which they did and took an initial payment of fifty pounds. During the conversation i told the Bailiff i was on short time at work and at the time he was quite sympathetic to this and said to us that if things were to get any worse and i was to become unemployed then we could review the payment plan. Today i answer the door and im given a letter tell
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