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  1. Update. So after I talked to the guy in the store I called up applecare for a second opinion. The guy on the phone said he couldnt give me any information apart from the advisory (a standard page on their website). That was yesterday (15/07/2013). Today, I got a call from the same guy who said that he could get me a supervisor for some further discussion (which is awesome as I was not expecting a call at all, especially not an elevation of the issue). The supervisor gave me some basic guidance agreeing with me and (from what he implied) talked to the legal department, which corroborated my initial feelings about this process (that the apple store manager was wrong). Following this he passed my case on to customer relations, who assigned me a case worker and who will look into the issue further. I am expecting a call back soon. This being the case I have chosen to stay a course of action dealing with the store directly. However, I will eventually need to deal with them again if a resolution has me requiring a repair/ replacement, though it must be said I am kinda disenfranchised with macbook pros in general at the moment. I have to say, that the calls I have had today are typical of what I have experienced with Apple customer support in general, which is quick, efficient and personal customer care that leaves everyone happy. I am not sure if it was just the manager of that store having an off day, of if he didnt understand the policy but the time I had with him was an outlier and I am glad that Apple is seeking to resolve the case. Will update as this goes on.
  2. Thanks, I am forming a letter, so that my facts are in writing, and I am, well prepared to get their response in writing as well. I will bump this thread with anything I get.
  3. Thanks, thats what I thought. I am planning to go back in the next few days with some of the evidence that I have found and seeking to get something in writing, I just wanted to get an outside opinion so that I am not wasting my time.
  4. Hi, I bought a laptop from apple a few years ago (2008), which was subsequently replaced due to issues and faults last year (April 2012). My new laptop has now also come up with a bunch of issues, which after an appointment with apple has indicated an internal issue. I talked to the manager asking whether my laptop would be covered under the "Sales of Goods Act", to which the manager said no due to the fact that, the protection granted from this only applies to the original product and from the original point of sale and that I have no claim. I asked the question before I left asking if the "statutory warranty" applied at time of sale of at the time of receipt of the goods and he said sale. Coming home and having done a little research I think he was incorrect and that this replacement laptop should have its own statutory warranty applied to it. Is there any basis for this? Am I completely off base or do I have a claim to have my laptop repaired?
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