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  1. Thanks Andy, Think i understand all that. Ill get it done on MCOL tonight and post a copy to welcome tomorrow.
  2. Andy. Thank you so so much. I really appreciate the effort you have taken to help me. I will keep this thread updated with progress. Just for clarification, do I add CAPITALISATION and all Interest into the unfair Charges and Interest section at the bottom?
  3. I also lost my job. Dont know how relevant that would be.
  4. I went on to a debt management plan with CCCS, then I split with my wife and subsequently divorced. All our debts were jumbled and I lost a fair bit of paperwork in the move. As I had other things on my mind at the time and the debts just sort of took a back seat. The DMP was stopped and no further payments were made. Since getting back on my feet, I have attempted to clear all of the debts but I didnt address this one as I targeted the ones that were live on my credit report and this one was marked as SETTLED.
  5. Thanks I should have really brought the papers with me to work as I should have known you may need extra info. Apologies.
  6. It would appear that they have included the interest in their claim. The total claim including costs is over £5K. I can get a specific amount over to you later but it wont be until around 5:30pm im affraid.
  7. I dont know whether that is comforting (in the fact that the judge may have seen these tactics before) or terrifying that they are getting all of this money from people who dont actually owe anything.
  8. I did notice a hell of a lot of similar cases to mine pop up. Although similar, many of them are quite unique. There is no excuse for not paying debts. I understand that we have all entered into our agreements willingly, but the ethics of these people is disgusting.
  9. No No. Car ran pretty good for a while afterwards. That was never an issue.
  10. Thanks Andy. Thanks everyone. youve all made this relatively stress free for me. Money is pretty tight at the moment but I will be making a donation to the site as soon as I can.
  11. Both Claims combined would not exceed £10K.
  12. I have never received a default notice from anyone regarding this debt. The first I heard was the LAST LETTER BEFORE LEGAL ACTION, sent by IND, quickly followed by the Claim Form. The loan was to purchase my first car. Im not going to lie and pretend that I know much about counter claims but I have just had a quick look and believe that this is something that would be relevant due to the PPI and excess charges. You have already been very helpful but just one question... Would you reccomend a counter claim?
  13. Thanks Andy Thats exactly as it is written on the claim form.
  14. Hi andy, Above are the particulars from post 14. Do you need more information than this? I have the papers at home and can check over but I think this is everything.
  15. Hi Everyone, I have gone through the paperwork and worked out the following: 2460.66 of charges (CAPITALISATION, Adhoc fees, Phone Calls, Letters, Trace Searches, canceled direct debit fees etc) 1105.07 of PPI 1990.16 Interest All of the above on a a loan for £1607 (of which I only saw £750). Defense is due on Wednesday so could really do with some advice guys. Thanks in advance.
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