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  1. I won!!!!!! got the cheque for £6611.78 today the long wait is over A big thank you to those of you who gave me help advice and encouragement A donation to this excellent site is on its way
  2. Cobblers Have paid up in Full Today 2 days before my Birthday I bet they timed it that way. Banked a Cheque for £6611.78 unfortunaly I have to put it in my dormant Nasty West accound and they won't let me have a penny until it clears. Excuse me the the cheque is from your parent bank's head office account. does that meen its dodgy. More like my local bank's pettyness A big thank you to all of you who have given me advice and encouragement A donation will be made as soo as I get my dosh. Thanks again
  3. If thats the case sixspeed I will be getting a big fat cheque within the next couple of days as I got my allocation of court date a few weeks ago. I have had the offer of 50% and of course accepted - it yer right in theirdreams- so I am waing for the final offer does any know if it is a letter offering the full amount or just the cheque.
  4. Well I for one will be glad when its all over so I can get on with the rest of my life after all £6,500 is not to be sneezed at .........atishoo!!!!
  5. Thanks for that deller1. I have downloaded the template and its going to Cobblers today. After they receive the decline letter Whats the normal timescale before the cheque arrives assuming it does
  6. WOW what a surprise. A letter in today's post from Cobblers offering me £3,500 which is over half my claim and giving me until the 10th of January to decide it subject to the usual restrictions etc. Now what am I going to do. Of course I will accept their gracious offer immediatly yeah right Is there a decline your offer 50% of my claim letter in the template libary
  7. Will it get as far as that. I has always assumed that Nasty west or Cobblers were settling before the nattere even got to court are there any cases of them actually appearing in a County court.
  8. I have now got the date of the court hearing in my local county court: 27 January 2007 what will happen now Will there be any further contact from Cobbetts?
  9. My AQ arrived today from the Local County Court I will fill it in next week when I have some dosh What is the next step after that
  10. Thanks SB Well as they used to say in Thunderbirds??? All We can do now is wait
  11. Hello All I have just had what I presume is the standard defence letter from Cobbets what happens now Do I bother to reply to it or acknowledge it in some way Or do nothing and sit and wait for the next stage whatever that is
  12. I would say not as I have had an acknowledement of order from them and they had spelt my name wrong!!!! is the pressure telling or is it just that they have got muppets to do the inputting of data
  13. First of all a big Congratulations to you Cheddar on your win. It took a long time but your perserverance paid off in the end you are an example to us all I shall no go to the FAQs Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info and best wishes Si A I am a virgin in these matters what are CPR 18 requests from Cobbetts , and the AQ from the court. exactly are they in the FAQs (sorry I should have looked) I am also claimin about £6,000 does a claim of that amount get fast-tracked or dealt differently in anyway. Good luck and all the best to you Si
  15. I have just has Notice of acknowledgement of service From Cobbetts what happens now and when
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