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  1. Good Morning All and thank you for the advice . Just an update on what happened I called collectica to try and make a payment arrangement . They would not talk to me their automated system just kept sating once the ref number had been entered that it was with the bailiffs and to talk to them . So called said Bailiff and asked if he was empowered to agree a payment arrangement he said he will only accept full payment or goods . So I asked if that meant he wasnt empowered to agree a payment arrangement he again repeated his previous response . So I told him again there were no goods here that belonged to my son and he didnt have the money to pay in full .He just said he would make a note of that and hung up . So I then rang the court where the fine had been issued from ..After quite a bit of the its with the bailiffs I eventually found out that the warrant ( and they couldnt tell me the rights of the bailiff which I thought odd as they issued the warrant )only stays with the balliff for a small amount of time . It is then returned to the court and at that time a payment arrangement can be made with the court . Luckiliy the lady I spoke to said she would find out when it was being returned to the court and comeback to me .She did and guess what it was being returned to the court that day so no balliff would be calling . Call me cynical but I think that because I pushed at the magistrates court saying no one would agree a payment arrangement even though collectica had taken payment from my son maybe pushed them into getting the warrant back to them . Thanks again for all the advice M
  2. thanks for all the posts ..still not sure what rights this bailiff against my home and my possessions when he calls tomorrow and if he can force me to let him in
  3. ok i can look to do that in the morning ..but do they have right to force entry as he says he has a warrant and that he will be bringing a locksmith and the police to gain entry
  4. oh confused again so a variation order cant be agreed with the court .Who can agree a payment arrangement
  5. ok so they can not force entry ..I dont have to allow them in and I need to get to the magistrates court and declare all in my own belongs to me and my son needs to contact the court for a variation order .is that it in a nutshell ?
  6. yes I get that but I wanted some advice on what I can do when this bailiff calls tomorrow as I can not get a court variation before the time he has said he will be calling and now ...di I have to let them in ..can they force entry if i am out ..can they force entry if i am here and refuse to let them in ?
  7. No wasnt aware that could be done we tried ti set up and agreement with the debt collectors but as I have said they were not very helpful . I just dont know what my rights are re this bailiff
  8. Hi .I need some advice my 20 year old son a year ago was taken to magistrates court for not having a £1.80 train ticket . He as they do ignored this . This became a £00.00 debt with costs etc which he arranged to pay monthly and did until he became unemployed towards the end of last year . The debt was moved to collectica . I called when they notified him they adding more to the O/S balance and after he gave his authority for them to talk to me I explained he was unemployed and waiting for benefit to be sorted and wanted to make an arrangement to pay but currently he had no income . They told me that wasnt their problem and needed proof he was unemployed. They said they would send bailiffs and i explained he didnt own anything and had no income or money . Again I was told they were not interested . I sent the required documents to show he was unemployed and heard nothing from them until a bailiffs letter was pushed through the door . I again called and said that he had now managed to secure a temp job for 3 months so would be able to make payment at the end of june . They said they would not up the file but had never been told or notified he was unemployed and that they would not stop the bailiff action . He called at the end of June and made a payment that they excepted and charged him to make by his debit card . Today I have received another bailiffs letter saying they are calling tomorrow a nd will force entry into my house and take possession for the debt . I called the bailiff explained this was my home and my son had no possessions here apart from clothes etc and that he was making payment and would make a further payment at the end of this month . He said he wasnt interested and would be calling and forcing entry. I said i would report him to the police if he broke into my home or forced entry . He then told me not to threaten him and that he had a warrant as it is a magistrates court debt so he can and will force entry into my home . I have read confusing information online and I am really at a loss what to do . I now will have to not go to work tomorrow for fear he will break into my house . Please help as i really dont know what to do I cant afford to pay the debt which is now nearly £600.00 and neither can my son only having secured a 3 month contract Michelle
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