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  1. I agree 110%. Payday loans are Mafia style exploitation, but perfectly legal in UK currently. But we don't live in Italy, do we?? I sometimes wonder. Cameron & Berlesconi have common denominators. Unfortunately. Only Cameron hasn't been charged with anything yet.... With Coulson though, it is getting close. Do we have to vote UKIP to get rid of him?? I hope not.
  2. Why the antipathy between motorists and cyclists? I reckon it has much to do with motorists paying their 'Road Tax' and not liking having to do it. (The ones that do pay it, anyway..) Some of them seem to think that paying their 'Duty' gives them 'ownership' and 'rights' not available to those who don't pay. Cyclists, pedestrians, etc. Motorists have a place on the road, but that does not give them the right to intimidate and harass cyclists who are so vulnerable to cars used as weapons. As a life-long cyclist (and motorist) I see this attitude frequently, even in a sleepy city such a
  3. Thanks for that renegade imp (Do like the monicker; ) I will investigate the Ofcom path. As to TV Licensing, I wasn't aware that they had any sensible policy on this. All I've done in the last year or so is bin anything with TV Licensing on the envelope, along with the other mountain of junk mail that arrives here, unwanted, every Tuesday. I've written to TVL I don't know how many times, with no effect whatsoever. (Over 7 years I mean) I even invited one of them up to my flat (I'm in a small block of six, with no video entrance equipment/system, so when my bell rings I have to go down to
  4. I don't have TV. Never had one. Never likely to. So why do I get the hassle? Because I don't have a licence at my address.... Is what they say? I'm getting seriously tired of this. Videoing the goons ain't gonna stop it? I've invited the DHs to inspect my home once, to no effect. I still get regular post from the numbskulls. No way is another one invading my privacy. Best advice is what? Report them to Police for harassment? Seven years I been putting up with this. The next one turning up at my door better be very careful. I don't have the money for serious lawyers
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