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  1. Thank you the main thing I needed to know was if I could proceed either way, I had wanted to and had planned to go back but after several very recent meetings I now know current employer is trying his hardest to make this impossible, he is trying to make me so unhappy that I leave of my own accord and I must admit I am sad I had many good friends and colleges but feel i will be victimized should I return, Its a lose lose situation for me I will sleep on it over this weekend and really must make a decision as i am in limbo. thanks again wilma x
  2. My boss IS aware that I have offered to get back to work IF and WHEN they can provide me with light duty's simple, but they are not offering me any light duty's they don't want me back but cant say so out right, so rightly my doctor will not sign me off it wouldn't be in my best interests. If they could have sacked me why haven't they already done so, my thoughts are as they know it would be grossly unfair the boss has suggested very carefully i should go elsewhere and they are almost threatening and i fear returning but I can not let them get away with it. So simple question is to prog
  3. I believe that my doctor has my best interests at heart and is protecting me I have voiced my anxiety to him as to me not trusting the bosses intentions and as far as I am aware my employer does have a duty to find me suitable work as it was the poor equipment and excessive work load that caused my injury in the first place. Lets face it they cant just break people and throw them away when they are no longer of any use to them surely? I feel like my life is in limbo I cant move on as even if i was to look for work elsewhere I will be very limited as to what can i do with one good ar
  4. Hi my note says that I am not fit for work as the doctor said if i were to return to old duties I will further injure myself he said he will sign my note as light duty's etc once they offer suitable position which they do not want to do, I was doing manual work cleaning I have offered to answer phones or work in office or even serve in an onsite shop as I feel all these are achievable using my other arm. Not been refered to works occupational health not even sure if there is one. I have been to physio but that was through my doctor and not work. Hope this clarify s a little.
  5. Hi all have been reading posts for a little while but only just plucked up the courage to write one of my own. I am after some advice or shared thoughts at least, The thing is I am off work right now sick, I have been off 14 months now and my ssp stopped back in Nov 2012 and I have not had a penny since, I didn't go sign on as I didn't fancy the crap that ATOS give people a friend in similar position has been forced to do back to work type activity when he clearly cannot work due to disability, anyway the reason for my sickness is an injury at work. I was made to use domestic type
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