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  1. Hi Guys, So my LG TV developed a screen fault after 19 months of use. I bought online for £399 from Curry's. LG support say it's a screen fault and needs replacing. I wrote a letter before action to Currys CEO under 'not fit for purpose' and received the following response. Thoughts please? Dear Mr Tunnah, Thank you for your reply. I can confirm that the resolution offered to you is fully in line with both the Sales of Goods Act 1979 (applicable to items purchased prior to 2015) and its successor the Consumer Rights Act 2015. There are 2 options available to us as a retailer to offer you, An assessment to confirm a manufacturing fault and on confirmation a repair where economically viable A partial refund, taking into account the age of the goods to the point where you reported the issue to us and the price originally paid. We have offered you a choice of the above and are still awaiting your confirmation of which resolution you wish to follow. Yours sincerely, Jay D Team Knowhow™ CEO Support Team Team Knowhow™ Customer Contact Centre
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for your comments and advice. Let me try and be clearer. I complained to curry's in March of this year. This is the point my tv screen started showing lines on it. They have steadfastly stuck to their £95 deposit to check if it's a wear and tear issue or manufacturing issue I contacted LG about a month ago. They asked me to do a screen test and send them a picture. LG responded with 'I am just getting in contact as we have received a response from our Technical Team on file advising that they have reviewed the images on file and can confirm this is a screen fault.'. I then forwarded the LG support email to Curry's support so they could see that LG are saying it's faulty. Curry's just responded that they would determine this and to pay the £95 deposit. I currently have an open case with Curry's support via Resolver plus a case number from LG. LG have stated that as the TV is over a year old this would be a paid repair if sent back via them.
  3. My £399 LG Tv I purchased from Curry's developed a manufacturing fault after 19 months of use. LG engineers have confirmed it's a fault not through wear and tear. I have contacted Curry's but they are demanding I pay £95 for them to pick up and inspect it to decide of it is a manufacturing fault. I'm wary of doing this. Is it fair for me to expect a mid priced TV to last longer than 19 months? I'm thinking of writing a letter before action to the chairman. Thoughts? Thanks.
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