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  1. Sorry, missed that one. Have you had any confirmation that has arrived at your new/most recent address ? Yes I had my new address on the updated registration documents through the post. Have you changed your licence details with the DVLA and had acknowledgment it has been updated ? As above, but I have not recieved any other details or reminders at new or old address.
  2. DO you think I ought to at least see proof from them that this is correct, currently, I have no proof of the penalty from the DVLA?
  3. Surely the DVLA should have been able to confirm that it was not SORN and they informed me, at the moment they have only informed me to write the collectica, which should open a case, but Collectica's solution is to write me another very aggressive letter, ignoring mine?
  4. You are right they are operating as a debt collector at this stage. I have read some horror stories about them though. I'm not sure of my rights at this stage after I have clearly disputed the fine. Can you be fined and not be informed by the DVLA and this fine passed directly to a debt collector without any knowledge?
  5. I moved house in 2012 and changed my vehicle registration documents to reflect my new address. My motorcycle has been off the road for a few years and I have SORN it each year as soon as I received the reminder. Last year I did not get a reminder, and forgot to SORN. The first I knew of this was a very threatening letter from Collectica demanding I pay £80 immediately! I have never heard of this company, and so contacted the DVLA to ask for validity, and proof that they had written to me, as the letter stated 'despite previous notifications'. The DVLA advised I dispute the fine in
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