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  1. Triton guy came today .. nice fella who quickly removed the front cover to change for a brand new one ... Only to find the 'diddy' bit was not actually part of the front cover .. he believes it's part of the temperature valve .. so the Triton office have booked a new appointment for Friday .. but .. they don't know if it will be AM or PM .. Talk about planning your life around a shower (Pun intended)..!!
  2. I looked on eBay.. Amazon and eMailed 'normal' sellers with no joy .. This part is tiny maybe less than a sewing thimble..[ATTACH=CONFIG]45123[/ATTACH]
  3. Just an update to Tritons response ... I posted a 'customers review' on two Webb sites .. one for a supplier .. one on Tritons own .. both where quickly deleted .. So I posted another on Tritons Webb site mentioning the previous post was deleted .. within 30 minutes i had a long email from 'customers relations' explaining the relevant costs of manufacturing ..transport ..storage .. admin. etc: -etc:- I replied within minutes with an attached picture of the thimble sized worn plastic part .. asking how they could justify an £109 price for a small bit of plastic and added my my p
  4. That sounds a bit to high tech for me ..!!
  5. I am fuming .. Three years ago I had a Triton Safeguard t100 care shower fitted into my disabled sons wet room .. With the recent hot weather he came to turn the temperature handle, and it did not work .. I got an electrician to remove the front cover and check why ... a very small ( about as big as a five pence) plastic splined 'D' shaped plastic part had split .. he said contact Triton .. get the part and he will fit it.. So .. I have just phoned Triton .. "Oh sorry we cannot supply that part .. you will have to buy the complete valve for ........................ £109 ..!! ..
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