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  1. Hello, I was hoping to get some advice. My Nan died last year towards the end of an interest only mortgage. Due to her circumstances she could only get an interest only mortgage at her age (70 at the time). Now that the term of the mortgage has passed, the company has agreed to give us a period of 1 year to sell the property and repay the mortgage which is our intention. Given the valuation of the house, there is approximately £90,000 in equity after the mortgage is settled, the question I need help with is, what happens if we cannot find a buyer in the next few m
  2. Hi all, sorry I've not updated this in a while but I've had some issues to deal with I've not heard anything back from them So I'll be submitting this to the FSA and ICO. out of curiosity, how much would it be likely to cost to take this matter to court? given that they essentially admitted they messed up in a letter but are unwiling to help, I think if they wont help the courts might.
  3. I'm going to contest it, however I'm not overly hopeful as the only thing I can get them on is the fact they miss advised me on the repayment plan and the dates in which it had to be paid. Thanks again renegadeimp!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I have put together a letter to TMS stating my intentions to escalate this matter: It is with regret and confusion that you feel it correct to apply a default notice on my account. As stated as stated in telephone calls made by myself in regards to the notice of default you sent to my address, I was without employment during the time the loan was to be repaid. I informed the Money shop on multiple occasions that I do not possess the original documentation either for the loan amount or the letter of default so the arrangements to repay my loan was based 100%
  5. Thanks alot guys this is really appreciated!!!!
  6. its almost like 4000% interest inst enough right? All calls are quiet recent so I'll do my best tomorrow. Given that the plan was technically miss sold and I had other means of getting them the money (and that they reference in a letter that they had told me I wouldn't get a default as a part of upholding the repayment plan) Do i have a good case to escalate this to the regulating authorities?
  7. I wouldn't know where to start surely its a legal requirement to provide people with copies under the data protection act? They say all calls were recorded!
  8. I have a letter in which they reference a repayment plan and that their agents said I wouldn't be defaulted. They Said it doesn't matter about what was agreed on the phone calls as I'm past the 90 days. I'll give them a call tomorrow asking them for call transcripts or request a SAR.
  9. At the start of all of the calls the operators told me the calls were recorded so I didnt make my own recordings. After providing my personal details the operators normally confirmed the details of the repayment plan. If I took out a SAR request would this include voice conversations? I did ask for this repayment plan to be put into writing but did not receive anything.
  10. Hi renegadeimp, No they did not send me any information in writing regarding the payment plan. They do have computer/ phone call records of the payment plan though. Would I have a case for being miss guided or is there any possible way to have this notice removed on those grounds?
  11. I was wondering if anyone could help!! I took out a payday loan a while back but lost my job. I called the money shop to let them know about this and we set up a repayment plan (with interest no doubt). The money shop made it clear when setting this repayment plan up that if by making the two payments (each at the end of the month) I would not be defaulted. All operators after this confirmed that too. two months down the line I have checked my credit file only to see that they have indeed placed a default on my account. When I called them up to ask why they claimed it was be
  12. Lee, Thank you for you continuing effort. Can you please let me know ASAP when the credit team have reviewed this case. From a consumer action point of view, it appears that I am not the only one with this EXACT problem: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?290837-Vodafone-misunderstanding-ruining-my-life!!
  13. Hi Lee, Has there been any update on this so far? Cheers
  14. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/802/gbol.jpg/
  15. Ah, I need 10 posts to link an image
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