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  1. Thank you all for your replies,they have been extremely helpful. Please could someone ask Dougal to clear his inbox as I would like to send him a message but can't get through.
  2. Sorry for not replying earlier. My turn for double shifts. Do not have dd or standing order on account. Ring GE and pay over phone using card. They say the process of paying money throughout the month throws their accounting system out! I am in process of claiming PPI and penalty charges on account. As I said, GE have ignored all previous efforts to get them to remove the PPI from the loan, so I thought that asking them again, by sending an lba and giving them 14 days to act would be the way to go. Paying a mortgage (no arrears) and the loan is putting a great strain on the wallet.
  3. Hello ssparks 2003, this is the only agreement that I have, and these are the only terms.
  4. Hope you can see it now, as I am not very pdf savvy! Story so far:- This is the agreement for a 2004 secured loan from IGroup, taken over by G E Money. As you can see loan for £15,000 plus single upfront payment £2400 PPI. PPI for 5 years(finished in 2009) Loan for 90 months (finished Jan 2012) but still limping along. In August 2013 GE Money tried for possession for the third time, but the judge issued a Time Order which is being paid at £538 per month. Sent a SAR last August and discovered mis-sold PPI. Mis-sold, as box pre-ticked for PPI when the above agreement was
  5. Thank you both for your replies.Getting file re-done now.
  6. Hello All, Please could I have your valued opinions on this credit agreement. Would you say that it is a multiple agreement or not?
  7. Hello to everyone on this wonderful site. I first posted in July in a blue funk, as G E Money were going for repossession of my son's house on an 2006 suspended warrant when my son owed £600 in arrears.The situation was complicated by the fact that his loan finished in 2011,although G E Money continue to take his monthly payments up until the present time,so there was no paper work to 'hang' anything on. Thanks to the advice given on CAG a defence was prepared and the judge granted a Time Order. (Incidentally, four independant local solicitors, supposedly experts in Consumer Credit and Hous
  9. Will be scanning paper work shortly. Using spreadsheet have estimated that G E Money owe £20,000 in unfair charges etc,plus mis-sold PPI. Am worried about claiming the whole amount in one lump as it will be fast track and could lose, and be responsible for their costs. Is it possible to do a £5,000 claim with rest to follow, or is that a silly question.?
  10. DX, Thank you for your reply. Will copy documents asap.
  11. Some help needed PLEASE. Received SAR information from GE Money. There was a mis-sold PPI on loan in 2004. Single payment of £2,400 for PPI built into loan. ie £15,000.00 for loan plus £2,400.00 PPI. Now here is where I need some advice quickly, because WANT to start an action against company soonest. PPI was for five years, finished July 8th 2009. Loan finished July 8th 2011, but to date still paying GE Money £300 per month for loan and £50 off arrears. How is it possible to still be paying installments for PPI when it finished four years ago, and although loan finished and G
  12. Thank you for your replies. As of now (Thursday eve) we have not had the bailiff's warrant but son spoke to GE Money who said it was being processed for serving today. We are going for a Time Order but wondered if making sure the judge was aware that the loan figure is in dispute would help the case.
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