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  1. Given our experience with Tesco car insurance, I would advise anyone contemplating business with this lot to record everything and keep screenshots of all web pages involved in an online quote. This is a bit of a long story but it is necessary to wade through it to understand how they appear to operate... My wife bought an old Porsche off a friend who was insured with Tesco. She had 17 or so claim-free years and did an online proposal saving all the screenshots to a Word .doc. It produced a premium which she was happy with but she did not complete the transaction at that point. Next day she realised we had not notified a non-fault claim (damage to our car parked on the drive caused by a car coming through the garden hedge!) so did a further online proposal but was a bit surprised to see this added to the premium so decided to call the Tesco insurance call centre. They found both online quotes and instead of taking the second, they amended the first with the claim and the premium returned to the original one to the penny. During the phone call, all the online questions were re-checked and she read all the answers off the screen shots so they now had every answer three times. The premium was paid and the docs were emailed. We checked them very carefully and were puzzled to see the car purchase date was now down as March 2011 instead of the correct (and confirmed three times, twice on line and one verbally) Feb. 2014. She called to correct this and was unhappy to be told that correcting this purchase date would cost an extra 27% of the quoted premium. Yes that's correct, a premium rise of 27% to change the car purchase date back to the 3 times correctly stated date! She refused to pay this in the many subsequent calls which were all recorded. They said the charge would stand as we had specified an incorrect car purchase date. We then realised the date they used had been the previous owner's purchase date. They couldn't confirm this of course due to the DPA and still refused to revert to the original quote. At this point, enough was enough and we cancelled before the policy start date and eventually received a full refund. A few weeks later they admitted their mistake, apologised and sent a £50 Tesco voucher which we spent, without any feelings of hypocrisy, to make up for the hours of arguing we had been forced to endure. Had we not kept good records, we would have had to pay a clearly incorrect premium hence the earlier advice. So what? Well, we shall never deal with them again. Imagine conducting a claim with Tesco if this is what they're like at the start. We have reviewed everything they were told and despite the mistake clearly being theirs, they gave us a quite hard time on the phone over three calls all at our expense in money and time. However (sorry, we're nearly there) there appeared to be a final 'confusion' from them. Their justification was that the wrong date had been put in accidentally by them which had produced the lower (incorrect) premium. This can't actually be true of course as we have two screenshots and a recorded call clearly stating the correct date. You have probably worked out already that had their version been correct, the system wouldn't have produced an same exact premium with the wrong date (to the penny) as the original online quote with the correct date. I'll leave it up to you to decide if this is a company who will see you right. After 40+ years of driving with a clean licence, I've see and heard of most catches but this was a new one. PS Tesco, if you want to put your side to this on here, crack on. I've kept all the evidence to support my version of events.
  2. govig

    VEAS/DVLA Issues

    I received letter from VEAS this morning regarding their aforementioned visit to private land in the Telford area. They now appear to be admitting that in this case "enforcement action would not be appropriate" and "thank you for bringing this matter to our attention". Someone more cynical than me might well think that they appear to be considerably over stepping the mark as has sometimes been reported with TV licence inspectors. Given that both organisations are run by Capita this might lead you to think there could be common issues involved. I know what it is like to have a vehicle seized in your absence (by Liverpool Airport and it turned out to be completely unwarranted as confirmed by the subsequent payout) and it can cause a great deal of distress and inconvenience. I should therefore advise anyone worried about VEAS' actions to confront them with a polite letter. Expect to be be given the usual dismissive runaround but if you are right they will have to back down.
  3. govig

    VEAS/DVLA Issues

    My son's car was parked on private land next to his house (and defined as such in this deeds). The area is jointly owned by him and all the other houses on the estate and is not repairable at public expense. This didn't stop the Telford branch of VEAS snooping around it at 0730 one morning. When challenged by letter they said changes to the 2008 Finance Act gave them rights to enter private property to check for untaxed and or unSORNed vehicles and seize them if required.
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