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  1. Hi Have managed to get to speak to a union manager this morning.He is very unhappy and is taking a look over all the notes.He has also contacted the Equality commission on my behalf and they have said that due to the fact that she became aggressive during the grievance hearing,I should lodge an ET1? form to begin an industrial tribunal case.The union are very supportive and they have told me not to worry?? I don`t have much idea what any of this means but am trusting them!
  2. Hi Yes the grievance was upheld.They stated that my Manager treated me wrongly and her actions were inappropriate.They then said that this decision will be passed on to my Manger and they hope I can integrate back into the workplace.Thats it! end of story.No other information. As she was still being so rude and aggresive during the hearing,I am really worried about how she will be with me once I go back to work at the end of the month.I personally think the whole thing has stressed me out even more.I thought they would at least asked her to apologise?
  3. Hi.Thanks for your reply The first occ health report was vague and I was assessed by the occ health nurse.The 2nd assessment was with a doctor.He recommended that I finish my counselling course (5-6 weeks)and if I then felt ok,I could contact my Manager to get a phased return to work.He agreed that I had detachment syndrome and was suffering stress and anxiety and I wasn`t ready to return to work until I had at least finished with the counsellor and began to gradually leave my baby for longer periods of time.I fully intended to try and return to work once the counselling sessions were over
  4. Hi all I had a premature baby who was very ill.She was born at 24 weeks and I went off on leave before my line manager even knew I was pregnant. It was all very sudden and unavoidable.I was put straight onto Maternity leave.After 9 months,I seen my manager about returning to work. At this stage,I was made to use all my Annual leave before being given a date to return. During this period,I became increasingly worried about leaving my child.This spiralled into depression and severe anxiety.I was diagnosed with post natal depression and detachment syndrome.I rang my dept. on 2 occasions and
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