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  1. just phoned their cancellations department, they could,nt waiver the fee, but give me 2 options, option 1 was £15 call out fee, option 2 was £29 call out fee with a sky plus hd box to replace my daughters standard box, i went for option 2, she guaranteed everything would be sorted out, if not i could cancel the package, and my daughter gets a £199.99 hd box apparently the wireless one just out in august, so thanks for your advice nice one
  2. i moved into my property in jan 08, the first thing i did was to get sky installed, they was already a dish on the side of the house but the engineer put the new one on the front, come april/may we started to get poor quality signal and the picture was freezing, so i called them up and they came out, they said it was due to a tree over the road which funnily enough had some leafs on, with it being spring, and because they put it up in january when the tree was bare this was the reason for the picture, so they moved the dish maybe a metre higher, i asked them why they simply did,nt just use the dish on the side of the house, which is still there to this day, and they said everything would be okay now, but the last few months the picture has been really poor especially in windy or bad weather, i phoned them several times, i suggested that the tree might have grown but they want to charge me £65 call out fee, which i,m not happy about, i pay between £115 - £130 a month for there package so why should i have to pay for them to fix a problem which was fault to start with, any ideas what to do next, there is nothing wrong with any of the equipment provided by sky, (which as there agent pointed out is out of warrenty) it was put in the wrong place by the engineer, which i told them till i was blue in the face, and then i was told nothing could be done until i paid the call out fee, whats my next move?
  3. their are claiming for the third parties injuries , which amounts to approximately £3500, whiplash, for 3 people, also most likely costs, my daughter has no assets, has since sold her car and is on a low income because her job was made part time due to the economic situation, (its funded by the government), so i want it moved to my local county court so i can represent her and give the judge her side of the story, i fully realise they are technically in the right
  4. just received the claim on the 5th july, ithink the claim is for about £2000 plus costs
  5. the conviction was a section 20 assault,she did,nt have any motoring convictions, thats why i never disclosed it at the time because i thought it related to motoring convictions
  6. my 20 year old daughter recently had her car insurance voided because i did,nt put down her criminal conviction, so third parties claimed and were paid out, now the insurance company is making a claim against my daughter in county court, she is worried she may lose her car, anyone had experience in this sort of case, plus it,s at birmingham county court and we live in middlesbrough
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