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  1. Cant remember exactly, but I was paying them for a while, maybe 6 months?
  2. I dont remember ever getting a default notice on this. Way back when ran into financial problems the account was passed to Wescot but I dont think i ever got a default notice. Iay be wrong but it definayely hasnt shown on my CRA files since i started checking them 18 months ago. Weird.
  3. The account IS NOT listed anywhere on either my Experian or my Equifax files. It's as if it never existed. E.
  4. I know it's the same account as it has the Account No. (Card Number) on the letter so I don't know if I can refer to the Wescot Account in Dispute letter without acknowledging that I know what account they are talking about. From reading your replies I maybe would be best to write to them and say that the account is in dispute and that I do not acknowledge any debt to them as I have not received a formal notice of assignment from them. And as far as I am concerneed the account remains in dispute. Would this be enough do you think? And yes of course, Original Creditor = SOLD !! Thanks.
  5. Thanks both for replies. No, the account is not on my experian or Equifax credit files. The last payment I made would have been around mid 2009 and I have acknowledged the debt in as much as when Wescot were originally chasing it, I was paying them a small amount each month for a while. They then started asking me for more than I could afford and thats when I sent the CCA request. Since their response that their client has instructed them to withdraw the account, I have heard absolutely nothing about this account. I never received a default notice on this account (as far as I can recall but if I did I would have kept it and there is nothing in my "Mint" file haha!! DonkeyB, not sure if they are chasing on behalf of RBS, but their letter says "Original Creditor; Royal Bank of Scotland, MINT Visa Gold" I think they have bought the debt as other wise it would say the RBS were their clients I assume, and it doesn't. Q. Should I send a fresh CCA request or just a letter stating that the account is in dispute since August 2009 and under the terms of that dispute, they are not entitled to ask me for any payment owards the account or words to that affect? Thanks, E.
  6. Hey, I had a credit card with RBS (Mint) a lot of years ago. In 2009 I was being chased by Wescot and after sending them a CCA request which they failed to respond to, I sent an Account in dispute letter. Around 1 week later, I got as reply from them stating that they had "received instructions from their client to withdraw the account and therefore, you should receive no further contact from Wescot in relation to this matter." Now, 4 years later I received a letter from ARC (Europe) Ltd. chasing me for the same debt. So where do I stand, is the account only in dispute with the original DCA (Wescot) or is this now a new account as it is now being pursued by another DCA (ARC Europe)?? I am thinking about sending them a CCA Request assuming that they do not have any paperwork and then put the account in dispute again but is there a quicker way for me to nip this in the bud given the history? Thanks Euro
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