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  1. The bank account is in the Ltd company name. It's a good point though. If they had the sense to look at who had been paying the bills they could easily see the right company name to try and take action against. I am going to respond to have the claim struck off as they have made it against the wrong defendant and also reference the registered letter that I sent them politely pointing this out in May. It seems strange that they have wasted their time doing it in the first place after I explained I was not a sole trader. I can only assume that they thought I was lying to try and hide
  2. Cheers for the reply Steve. It's weird really. There was no original contract or agreement, the lines were just set up on a casual, informal basis by the original company (ex managing director of it is happy to testify this as I know him quite well). My company is and always has been Ltd, but they don't even know my company name. E.G. My name with companies house is Wile E Coyote Corporation and one of the businesses is Acme. They are trying to take action against my name t/a Acme. The account held with them has always just been in the name Acme. So this
  3. Hi There, I have so much to say and this company has angered me so much that I am conscious of waffling too much, but I will make an effort to try and keep it as brief and simple as possible. So, the story starts as standard, I had 10 telephone lines no longer needed and wanted them shut down. Rang and asked company to do this and the person on phone says no problem, have cancelled all those for you, it will be 30 days notice blah blah. Lovely, job done. Until.... a few weeks later a bill comes for £99 termination fees for each line and a bill for remainder of contract of arou
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