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  1. hi thanks again max i paid cash it was from my pennies jar i had been saving so changed it at bank paid with notes lol whilst i was in the store i have several witnesses when i said whats to stop you from damaging it yourself to the manager he said he could but thats not how they do things it is probably this and the fact he kept changing who served me or who saw what which has made me the most uncomfortable but i mean im now left with i laptop that doesnt work and 300 pound shy i know its not a lot of money but it is to me i will take your advice max
  2. hi thanks for reply wasnt sure if it was ok to put the store it is argos the thing is it started up created a win8 acount but when i went to turn on day after it froze on sreen then power button flashed red then it wouldn't turn on again i sent a email to argos they sent one back with a reference number but never replied i took it to store my mother was with me and was treated terrible there was no evidence of water damage at all the manager started to say people witnessed it when it was opened when there wasnt and changed the person who se
  3. hi i was wondering if anyone could help me with some advise i bought a laptop from a store which didnt work when i took it back they said there was evidence of water damage and parts were missing this is an impossible fact because it was never near water or opened up all i wanted was a computer which worked i asked for the same one to replace mine i was spoken to horribly was lied too by changing the facts of who served me they said it needed sent off for 2months to check i believe they might do something themselves after buying a laptop 5 days a
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