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  1. I paid via credit card. They have said they would reimburse me postage cost and issue me my refund once they have received the incorrect items - There are several issues I have with this, firstly - why should I pay to send them back, I have looked on the CAB website and it states on there that 'if the company have sent items by mistake then I have to let them know and they have to arrange to collect the goods'. Secondly - I want my money back for the items they have failed to deliver, but they are refusing until they receive the incorrect items, surely they can’t do that? All this is their mistake.
  2. Hi I placed an order with Select Fashion online on 19th June; they took money from account on 20th June. I was informed the order would be delivered within 5-7 days, but it never showed up - I called them - no reply, I emailed them - no reply, so I sent them a message on facebook and they replied with excuses about moving warehouse etc, eventually my order turned up yesterday (3rd July - 14 days after the original order) However i am missing 2 items and instead I have 2 items that i never ordered! So i sent them a message on facebook as this is the only time I ever get a response - they called me back this morning. I do not even want the missing items now as I am fed with waiting, so I asked them to refund me the items that i am missing but they said they will not refund my items until I send the incorrect items back, but i have to pay the postage! I want to know what my rights are? I paid for items but they have failed to deliver them. It's not my fault they have sent the wrong items, I am happy to send them back but not at my cost.
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