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  1. thanks. So it would be a case of giving up work and on the day i cease employment, i then apply for caers allowance as i would then effectively be earning nothing?
  2. Hi ANtone Thanks for this. No one else gets carers allowance for mum. I take it carer's allowance will not be affected by the property. Is there a set condition to claim for carers allowance, i.e what kind of proof do i need. Mum gets attendance allowance. I have earned at least £100 each week , since the age of 18, but i think you say it is unlikely that i could apply simply for being a carer/ The equity in the house (value less mortgage) would be £60,000 approx. The rental income just covers mortgage, gas contact and insurance and that is it.
  3. I need a wee bit of advice. I went down from full time hours to part time hours and now need to look at becoming a full time carer to my mother who has vascular dementia. I moved in permamently with her two years ago and rented the house out, The rental income I get covers the mortgage, insurance and gas contract, and that is it, My mum gets attendance allowance. I keep running into obstacles to try and get to the bottom of what i would be entitled to. Jobcentreplus are unsure as to really what happens when someone has a house they rent out, They mention IS and contribu
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