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  1. £3500 for the doors and £3000 for the roof Thanks
  2. Payment was to his personal account i only got bank statements the guarantee is a company guarantee , i have tried to get another roofer to quote but all are very reluctant to take over another persons work
  3. Thanks for the quick reply He is a limited company with 1 other employee, i have his home / business address , he has his own home and has a van kitted with tools and equipment, he is Fensa Registered on his web site with a 10 year guarantee on all work, i paid by bank transfer and no cash, i have a lot of text messages back and forth and i have a lot of photots Thanks Ian
  4. Hi In brief i had contractor to fit patio doors and a complete roof on our new extension 4 months ago, only now has he come back to finish the roof after many cancelled visits by him, The work is so bad that building control officer wont sign the roof off. i have contacted the roofer on many occasions and he keeps telling me its my fault because i always moan about his work and that he isn't a roofer (he has his own building business) . unfortunately i paid in full as he was a friend of a friend, I have a rubber roof which is peeling up because he used silicone to stick it down on the edges and i can see daylight from the inside through gaps plus the internal ceiling isnt level Where do i go from here as any advise would be rattly appreciated Thanks Ian
  5. Hi Just a update i still receiving letters saying that they are still awaiting the paperwork Thanks for all your help
  6. Hi Just to let you know ive received 2 letters saying that they are waiting for the appropriate paper work from their client, is there anything i should do next Thanks Ian
  7. Ok Thanks for your response
  8. Hi Thank you for the quick reply im not aware of receiving any notice and the default on credit score and Experian file states it from Arrow Thanks
  9. Hi I still havent received a reply from Arrow how long does it normally take for them to reply or is there a specific time scale they adhere to Thanks
  10. I checked my credit file today and now there is a default on there Thanks It says on clear score ''Negative 1 You have had at least one account in Default or Repossession (ARROW GLOBAL LTD) ''
  11. Hi Today 04/03/17 I have received a letter from Arrow saying '' We do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statue. however we are willing to assist in obtaining that which has been requested, We will now process your request for documentation from the creditor and will revert in due course'' Arrows however have put a default on my credit file Can they do that if they dont own the debt or am i missing something Thanks again for your help
  12. thanks CCA to who ARROW WESCOT RESTONS and whats IMHO
  13. They dont show up on Experian but show as a closed account on clear score but states that it is a negative on my credit
  14. Ok Thank you I forgot to say that on my credit file the outstanding debt is under Arrows Global
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