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  1. To keep this thread updated: I received a response to my part 18 request today. The £1122.60 is made up as follows. ITEM 1: 3 x Carpet Cleaning @ £30 per carpet totaling £90. They have apparently agreed after cleaning these carpets (which I admit, I did not do), they did not need replacing. Possibly the most reasonable I've seen this agency be, I'm quite surprised. ITEM 2: 1 x Carpet to Lounge Replaced £357.60 ITEM 3: Repaint of whole apartment £375.00 ITEM 4: Supply and fit new freezer compartment door £90 ITEM 5: Repair damaged kitchen unit door £60 ITEM 6:
  2. As I stated at the other place, as responses had been slow here until yesterday (but very helpful, thank you) I sought advice elsewhere too. Sorry if any offence has been caused.
  3. Thank you for that. At the moment all I wish to know is exactly how the total amount has been arrived at and what it includes so that I can properly scrutinize it. In previous correspondence, I'd been able to get copies of the incompleted Inventory and my tenancy agreement, so as far as I can think, thats all I'll need for now. I will use the CPR 31.14, that's very helpful.
  4. Hello All. Today I've received a County Court Claim Form lodged by the Letting Agency for the amount £1122.60 plus £70 Court Fees. My options are to within 14 days (or 28 if I wish to delay) either admit the full amount, admit part of the amount or admit nothing. Unfortunately, I am none the wiser as to what exactly makes up the £1122.60, so although I think itd be reasonable to admit part of the amount, I have nothing to really base that on. If I were to write to the letting agency, are they under any obligation to provide me a full breakdown to assist my reponse? Further to t
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I'm don't believe the landlord will be able to prove the inventory was even sent to me, but regardless, I'll be writing back to my landlord today. The crux of the matter is that my landlord seems to be of the opinion that because they have photos of the damaged carpet and white walls that need repainting, I (in their words) have no chance at court and that they'll win full cost of replacement carpets, repainting etc. They also seem to think that threat of big bad scary "court fees" will stop me disputing this. Again, their evidence is probabaly good, it was
  6. Thanks citizenB. I will look into Shelter. Something I feel I should add, is that examining the *unsigned* Schedule Of Condition/Inventory at move-in, two of the carpets which they are claiming for the replacement of (lounge and bedroom 1) are present but their condition has been left blank and the hallway carpet is not there at all. Only bedroom 2 has been listed with its condition at move in (marked good). There are several other items including walls I suspect they will claim for the repainting of and other minor items either missing or with no condition marked. I dont want to get
  7. Hello, Having moved out of a rented property, which I inhabited for 3 years 6 months, the deposit for which is £450, the letting agency acting on behalf of the landlord has wished to charge an estimated £1600 for replacement of four carpets, repainting of walls, a "deep clean", other assorted cleaning costs, and replacement of doors to 2 units. They look to be claiming full amounts for each of the replacement items with no allowance for depreciation after a 3 year 6 month tenancy. The letting agency has thus far only provided rough estimates of the work needed, no receipts, however d
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