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  1. When these were purchased at no point did a member of boots staff mention that these were non returnable. When I have bought a similar item at Argos they informed me of this before I handed over any money. The non return statement on the bag was actually printed on the bag along with the standard suffocation notice so I didn't spot this anyway until after opening.
  2. No, didn't ask to see inside the box. didn't realise until I got them home that it had this label on the inner bag with the commitment to buy.
  3. I bought some Hair Straighteners from Boots on Sunday. they were in a sealed box and I couldn't view the product until I had purchased them and opened the box. These were in a sealed cellophane wrapping which stated that "Please do not open this bag is you do not intend to keep the product inside." I still was unable to examine the quality of them without taking them out the bag. Once out of the bag I found these to be of quite poor quality and have 3 buttons along the length of the handle which you are continually pressing against your hand whilst using. These 3 button
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