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  1. it is yeah, i know that i was wrong in doing it, its just a case of bad luck on my part that they came round. the car was half on my drive and half on the road.my post was more to do with the sending off of the v5 and the impound charges etc though.
  2. also to add to the wishy washy post ive just made - ive made formal complaints to the dvla in writing and never recieved a response at all.
  3. _michael

    VEAS/DVLA Issues

    Right well, firstly sorry if this a dupe thread and has been said/done before but im so distressed and at the end of my tether i need help. Basically i had a car, which was my daily and broke, so i bought a new one and this car stayed in my garage on a sorn. i decided i wanted to make it into a project car and one day in may april i needed to clear my garage out so i left the car outside it, the next day i came to it and found "do not move this vehicle" etc on it and a number to phone.i rang VEAS and they told me that one of their ANPR vans had spotted it on the road - this isnt possible
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