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  1. I booked a holiday, by phone, through a well known website, and was directed to a secondary site. On trying to book, they said the flights were with Ryanair and they needed to check the flights were still going. They came back and said the flights were indeed still going, but were £20 dearer per person. At the time, this wasn't a major deal. Coming out of work the next day, I found I had missed a dozen calls from the 'travel agent'. When they did get me, they said there was another flight leaving 12 hours earlier, adding half a day to our holiday, for no extra charge. I sai
  2. so, they start on 1st June, so in that period (6th December to 1st June) I should have had 13.6 days pay? and then after that I switch to the 28 days per year? So, I got paid 6 holidays holiday in that period, rather than the 14 days I should have... are they right in carrying those 8 days into next year and giving them as floaters then? I assume not but awaiting confirmation.
  3. i started in a company at the beginning of December 2015. They have 33 days annual holiday (after a qualifying period). Their year runs from 1 June each year. So, when I asked about holiday pay at Christmas 2015, I was told I wasn't there long enough to qualify for holiday pay (I had been there three weeks). I knew this was "strange" but didn't want to rock the boat in a new job. On the first day back in the new year, everyone got their floating holiday entitlement, I queried my entitlement, and was told to ask again in June. Again I asked at Easter, and was told I had accrued 4
  4. apologies if this is long-winded. Basically I have a hunch my vehicle has clocked mileage, there are some tell-tale signs like the wear on steering wheel. the vehicle came from Southern Ireland, so would possibly have had KM clocks, but now has mileage clocks and is in the UK, the UK MOT certificates show corresponding mileage to what the vehicle now has. I don't know if the vehicle came to the UK privately, or with a dealer of some form importing the vehicle/first MOTing vehicle. the vehicle was written off in the UK and I bought as a damaged repairable from a salvage site
  5. Just a quick question, probably a simple answer. I get paid a yearly bonus, this year it was close to £3000, but I've only ended up with £1800 home. My pay is in the region of 30k. Why am I taxed so heavily? I know I'll get taxed on all of the bonus, but it seems way more than the 20% tax rate. Is it because the system is assuming I'll get paid at that rate for the remainder of the tax year, and I'll get some back next month? or what's going on??
  6. so far , no. I have interoffice correspondence saying that they paid out £237 on the insurance policy for three months, which I don't really want to bring to their attention (£237 being the monthly payment), I have some correspondence showing the capital part of that monthly repayment was £175, but nothing I've found showing the PPI is £35 and the interest is £27.
  7. I'm at the stage where the adjudicator has found in my favour on two out of three loans (I'm still fighting hard on the 3rd one). On reading through their letter to the bank (the bank has until the 3rd September to reply), I've found the PPI figures the FOS are quoting to the bank are way off from my own knowledge of the loans (£777 as opposed to 36 payments of £35). The bank have quoted all figures supplied to the FOS are from their insurance provider, who I have SARed and been told they have nothing on record. These loans go back to 95/98 era. How much work is it to ge
  8. yep, absolutely no specific paperwork from that era, similarly sent a SAR to their insurance provider, had seen their name mentioned in interoffice correspondence, they claim to have nothing either. all the adjudicators findings are based on what they believe has happened in cases of the same era etc. etc. I have asked for all documentation/information that she used in reaching her decision, but other than that I don't have a lot to appeal on.
  9. I've had my adjudicator response to 3 historic loans dating back to 95,96 and 98. they haven't found in my favour. In the absence of any paperwork, they're reached their decisions based on other similar cases from the same bank. what would generally be the grounds for an appeal, where there's no paperwork whatsoever?
  10. even though I havn't a years employment??
  11. oh yes , have witnesses ok, but no cctv (at least nothing the firm will own up to). Have always had my suspicions though. MD knows far too much that goes on for someone casually to be telling him.... many thanks for the reassurance!! ;-)
  12. My supervisor grabbed me violently by the clothing along my side/ribs yesterday. the next time I saw the managing director , I took him to the side and had a word telling him it was out of order. he agreed if it had happened as I stated it had. I told him I was too angry to want to get into it in any great detail at that time, I would prefer to cool off before discussing any further. I have rang in sick today, not stating why I wasn't coming in. I am only in employment there six months, and don't really feel it's in my interests to put a complaint in writing. What's the odds I get sa
  13. what happens when you get to the two year mark? last time I rand them, they said 18 to 24 months on the automated message, so can you complain or anything after two years? I've emailed them today to ask exactly what stage the case is at. one other question, where you backdate bank charges and so forth by 6 years, is that 6 years from the case resolved or 6 years from the case logged with the ombudsman?
  14. try the SAR, I got paperwork including CCA from Barclays dating back to 1995, so it's worth a try
  15. ppi claims companies will shaft you every which way, end off. that's why every post in here advises against using them. you cant team up with a shark and then complain when you get bit. sorry
  16. just to update this slightly, I have received a (small) payment from First "Trust" Bank, in relation to ppi on an overdraft that I wasn't even aware of. I had initially refused their offer as they refused to include related bank charges in the redress. They have went ahead and made the payment to me anyhow. I wrote to them making it very clear that i was considering it as part payment. I raised the issue with the ombudsman, who said to sort the matter with FTB myself. They (FTB) point blank refuse to discuss further. On recontacting the ombudsman to d
  17. update on this , received a letter from FOS yesterday saying first "trust" would be in touch with an offer for ONE of the complaints. two questions, how long have they got to get in touch? I have a separate complaint about the bank charges as discussed elsewhere, will this offer therefore take the charges into account or will that be a separate settlement?
  18. if you have your mortgages statements, have they just lumped those fees onto your mortgage, making it into front loaded PPI? some of the more knowledgeable people will be along soon to answer....
  19. thanks folks, the wife has been proved right again.
  20. posting this up to resolve an argument between the wife and myself...... you're off work for a few days, then, say back for a week, then back off for a day WITH THE SAME ILLNESS, then back for a week, then off again with the same illness. Does this be classed as one period of absence or three? She says her workplace regard it as three absences, I thought there was something somewhere where it should be regarded as one absence??? It does relate to a warning a colleague received in work today, the colleague has been off with stress.
  21. honestly don't know how this has happened. I thought all cpp persons were waiting for the vote on redress ( which I believe only happened yesterday) http://t.money.uk.msn.com/news/%c2%a313bn-payout-for-cpp-customers don't know how you've beaten the queue!!!
  22. this "family member" probably gave you authorisation at the time, surely if you get a letter from them that you were acting on their behalf, that resolves the whole thing?
  23. what about asking the FOS for all the info they used to make their decision? see if there's something in there that you weren't aware of...
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