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  1. I have looked through all of my post, had no letters of warning about pre pay meters being installed. no notice of entering my property and changing locks (defacing my property)
  2. Thanks for your replyThe company is Scottish Power. I have rung the Number and been advised to contact the Locksmith for new key. Locksmith have said that they will be at the house in an hour I have not seen a warrant and have been told it has been posted to Glasgow???? I have had no warning from the Scottish Power we have been disputing the amount being requested.
  3. Resolvecall have entered our property when noone was home and put in pay as you go meters (due to a disputed unpaid debt), they have also changed the locks. I am now home with my 3 children and no way of getting into my property. Is this right? is this legal? what can i do?
  4. Hi Really new to this site, i have an urgent query. resolvecall attended our home today, nobody was home. THey have entered the house put gas/electric meters in (due to an unpaid disputed bill)and changed the locks. There is no one at the property and i have no way of getting in the house with my 3 children.... Is this ok? is this legal? help!!!!!!
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