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  1. Sorry not updated in a while had a terrible time recently. I went through all of the print out and cant find any charges on there to reclaim. only useful thing was about the debt being sold to cap quest. Was going to SAR them to see what charges they have added, the phone calls stopped then out of the blue I received a letter from capquest saying they were passing debt on to Debt managers (services) LTD as they had failed to contact me despite loads of attemps. I then got a letter yesterday from said company stating the account has been refereed to themselves for immediate collection, with a new balance of £4369.07 over a grand more than capquest were wanting. I have not paid capquest since I sent the sars. My questions are 1. who do I sar now or do I force new company to prove they are legally entitled to the debt? 2. Should I just accept they want all the money and I am just going to have to pay them over a long period of time or should I negotiate a final figure over a set number of years? 3. If I do sar one of them how do I go about having the charges removed? Sorry again for the delay in updating I recently lost my job and had to start working for an agency been a bit hectic.
  2. Will gi through again tom. Might also sar capquest as i think they have added loads of charges on. Still think it strange not had any threatining letters from them.
  3. like I said it just one big long computer print out with lots of abbreviations and number codes relating to account status and updates no statement or anything I cannot make head nor tall of it apart from the extract listed. there is no key code or anything to explain what numbers or abbreviations mean.
  4. thats all there was it a long print out. What next SAR capquest see if they put charges on?
  5. Hi finally received SARS back from Barclays. just a big pile of computer print outs . Didn't see anything on there about bank charges only thing I could make head or tails of was. sold via Kirkby debt sale a dmi was placed it was too old- unenforceable unenforceable - no historics orc/offs- sold the currant balance obtained from capquest letter 67 + docs sent to ch via capquest all the other information in over 300 pages is some sort code regarding the account I can't fathom it. Any Ideas? do I now SAR capquest they keep phoning but still not one letter, use to be loads of letters when I missed payment previously. Still not paid anything more. Whats my next move?
  6. Been over week since sent SARS and 20 days since payment was due to capquest and been inundated with mobile phone calls and home number. would like to know how they got land line as ex-directory. Have just ignored there calls so far. Strange had not letters usually daily when I was later before. will post update when I receive SARS back .
  7. ok thanks will get on to it tom after work.
  8. Sorry my mistake my wife pointed out its Barclays bank plc not Barclay card(really need new glasses). do I send SAR to their address on CCA?
  9. how do i find out who actually legally owns the debt? would this not be easier than having to send several sars. was that stuff wrote earlier about no court action within 6 years not true?
  10. The original debt was with sky credit card which from the information on cca was supplyed by mounument and in small print it says supplyed by barclaycard. I dont know if they put chsrges on but capquest deffo have. I wss originally paying them through payplan. Then lost job so paid them pound a month and for bout last year a fiver a month but balance has gone up by bout £500 , but cant be sure as paper work got damaged. Will have look though tom see if any else where in house.
  11. So do i send them a sar to find out how much charges they have put on?
  12. Hi got the CCA back today with letter. They provided the correct signed CCA. Letter states account still in default and the full balance is payable. then gives me a balance of £3804.86 which is I think at least a couple of hundred more than when I offered them a payment as full settlement 2 years ago, which they turned down point blank they claim I have paid £207.00 to them. What would you recommend now. Are they in breach as not had an account statement for at least two years? What is the outcome of the discussion that took place above about court action needing to take place within 6 years? The legal bit lost me a bit? Any help would be gratefuly recieved.
  13. ok I have sent CCA today. will update when I receive a reply. Again thanks for advice so far.
  14. Okay I will get onto it after feeding the hungry brood. If my memory serves me correctly I am sure they were the ones that just sent me a blank CCA and asked me to sign it with a copy of my t&cs ( I did not) and quoting some court case or other. Will up date if and when I get a reply. Thanks again for all the help so far.
  15. Seen ppl getting cash cowed on other threads. So i basical ignore them to see what they got or do I CCA and SAR them and make a decision from there?
  16. Think I may have done that already but done so many with debts and lost all paper work in flood. worth another try. Is it still £1.00 p/o for a CCA
  17. Thank you for the speedy replies:-)
  18. I have claimed PPI back from one loan(only one I had it for). not sure if there are any charges on my cap-quest account will this show in the SAR? am I entitled to refund of charges or is it just a speculative request? is it worth sending SAR to all paid off debts or can I just write to them? Think i might stop paying see what happens can always start paying £5 month again.
  19. I am a long time reader of these forums and have gained some very help full advice from them. I have looked for an answer to my query all over the forums but not got a definite answer, so here it goes. I also hope I am posting in the right place. I have been paying cap-quest for a credit card debt on and off for almost 6 years and regularly £5.00 every month for over 2 years. It dropped off my credit file last year. I have not received a single letter off them or account status/statement in over 18 months. The last I heard from them was when they turned down an offer I made as a full and final settlement (I came into a small amount of money and managed to pay off all but two debts) they told me It did not matter if the default dropped off my file they would just keep it on my file (I know this was incorrect from reading other forums) and I had to keep paying them for ever or until the debt was paid. so what I am basically asking is 1. Do I have to keep paying them for ever or can I just stop and ignore there threats and hot air? 2. are they suppose to send me an account statement on regular basis if so are they in breach of any thing I can use against them? 3. If I do stop paying are they likely to apply for a CCJ? as if this is the case i would rather keep paying them as only got 18 months till all my defaults are off my file. I know some of this is in other forums I just need to clarify things on my situation so it clear in my head. Hope some one can help.
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