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  1. Can the factors refuse to send the claim to the insurance company?
  2. I have had a builder come out and he has given the following quote: Removal of shower doors and tray Removal of all the damaged wall areas around the shower Removal of the chipboard flooring that is damaged Treat the joist for wet rot Replace the chip board flooring Rebuild walls Replaster walls Re tile shower area Refit shower tray and doors On what basis do you think the insurer could reject the claim?
  3. I have contacted the Factor and they have send the claim to the insurer however I have another problem now! The factor has advised the insurer that in his opinion the damage has cam from either a leak in the shower tray or poor maintenance on the sealant of the tiles! Surely he is not allowed to give them his opinion based on the fact he has not seen the damage except in the pictures I sent. He then advised that he believes that this has been a historic problem as part of the damaged floor is dry (even though the other areas are still wet) Where do I go from here as I t
  4. I have contacted the factors again and they have sent over the claim form, I have completed this and sent it to the insurers so hopefully the pay out. Having read over the policy documents it would seem I am covered.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I have spoken with neighbours and out of 7 flats 4 are rented. Myself and 2 others have mortgages and none of us have buildings insurance and have never been told that we need any additional cover. I have managed to get a copy of the policy schedule by contacting the insurer directly however it is pretty vague. It says cover for Buildings, Contents and Contents of Common Parts. Its with Towergate through Oyster Insurance
  6. Thanks for the reply, yes it is Scotland. When I purchased the flat we had a different factors however the new factors took over last year. They did not advise that we needed any additional cover. Are they legally bound to inform of any additional cover required?
  7. I live in a block of flats and we all pay factors fees that include buildings insurance. I have just discovered that water has been leaking out of my shower tray in the ensuite and escaping into cupboards and leaking into the property downstairs. I have have had a builder come out and he has advised that they will need to replace the floor and replace the internal walls in the cupboards and he suspects that the joists may be damaged. I have contacted the factors and they have said that the buildings insurance only cover the communal parts of the building ie. the stairs and exter
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