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  1. Currys have offered me £100 as a gesture of good will for the inconvenience I experienced in dealing with this company. They have not offered to compensate my partner for the time he had to take off work for the 3rd visit by the company. Should I take this or insist on half of my original claim? I originally calculated it all to be around£560 (phone calls, time of work for me, time off work for my partner (2nd and 3rd visits)0, having to use a laundrette and for emotional distress). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I had to contact Sebastian James again after having received no response to my letter of complaint or for compensation sent on the 5th July. Received a phone call from Marie Harrison from KnowHow acknowledging letter but stating they wont be covering the time my partner had to take off work for a 3rd delivery (6 hours) as the order was not in his name. They also wont compensate for the emotional distress I have suffered trying to sort out where my washing machine was in the first place and for the runaround I received from there customer service department. Waiting to hear back about what the
  3. Finally the washing machine has arrived - earlier than expected but a bonus. However, and here is the kicker, the waste pipe on the washing machine is on the wrong side of the machine and therefore too short. I now have to go out and purchase an extended waste for washing machines. I don't understand this as the machine they took away, the waste pipe fitted fine. I suggested using that waste pipe but its a sealed unit and cannot be removed. I guess a word of advice for all those buying washing machines, check which side the waste pipe is situated on and how long it is or you too will be out o
  4. It looks like the email to the CEO has worked. I received a call today at 10.47 from a lovely woman called Nicky who apologised for the problems I had experienced and said that they would work around me as I was the one who had been inconvenienced. Delivery expected after 4.00 pm on the 2nd July. Will keep you posted.
  5. Thank you to Allanmufc and Conniff. I have emailed Sebastian James as suggested. Will post his reply and any updates as I get them.
  6. I ordered a washing machine on Wednesday 26th June for delivery on Friday 28th June. I took a day off work and dutifully waited in. I received a phone call at 12.30 pm from the delivery man saying he would be with me within the hour. 6.00 pm rolled around and I made the 1st of numerous phone calls. I was told that my delivery window was 2.25 to 6.25 pm and that I still had 25 mins left in which the delivery man could arrive. I called again at 6.35 pm only to be told that my washing machine had been signed for and fitted. I stated categorically that this was not the case. I was put on hold and
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