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  1. Good afternoon I need some urgent advise. Changing lives has theft a bbq off me which was in the garden I reckon out of spite. They claimed they have taken it for heath and safety and disposed of it without warning. however I have pointed out that they thrown tennabrs stuff out on the streets and left it there theys stuff on the roof of a old backdoor toilet and right at the back of the garden theres old boilers broken wood paint which is a heath and safety issue they aint addressed. There also rats in the house they aint addressed and I fell builled and intimated by them. They enter my room and seached through papperwork. I have been made aware that one person in the house said that one person said oh look we have that what advise do you give I live in a hostel ran by changing lives. The hostel is in poor condition with rats and in the garden there is old boiler broken wood and looks like a tip. Landlord refuses to deal with it. However last week the landlord kicked someone out and threw all of this stuff in the front garden and just left it there. Its been there for two weeks and blocks a window. However I went out tuesday and I have a brand new bbq in the garden. All covered up doing no harm. This is when the events turn as im leaving monday I was packing up wedensday and the bbq was missing I rang them up and they laughed down the phone and said we dont have the bbq I called the police and reported the theft. I then get a call from police saying they took it and destroyed it for heath and safety. However I said so you dont deal with the rats you dont deal with the rubbish and tripping hazards but you get rid of a bbq. Today I been made aware that someone from the landlords office come up and they overheard that they took it and said we take that Police claim it a civil matter I claim its theft. I have taken pictures of the garden front and back to prove it was not a heath and safety matter it was a matter of spite. I only have £5 arrears but they own me £50 on monday when I leave
  2. Sorry my stress is messing me Account opened 22/10/09 Last updated. 10/09/13 Default date 06/08/10
  3. Also anouther strange one one of the creditors seems to be dropping its gone from 100 to 40 by 15 a month. I aint paying this so I don't know what's going on here
  4. Also some of my debts are not listed such as vanquis bank and wonga does this mean they been written off or as there's no updates its dropped
  5. I can swear its illegal to charge that much intrest and if they aint brothering to update my credit file it makes me look bad having a 115,000 debt on my file
  6. Yeah I have called the sun they don't seem intrested. Maybe dailymail but don't know there number
  7. Right I copy it from the file Date updated 10/09/13 Account opened 10/09/13 Opening bal 219 Payments 57 weekly Default date 06/08/10 Default bal 734 Jan 13 35913 Feb 13 41680 Mar 13 47680 Apr 13 55336 May 13 63913 Jun 13 74176 Jul 13 85674 Aug 13 99430 Spt 13 115396
  8. So it would drop off my credit file and be written off with no effect on my current status
  9. The thing is If I don't do anything it could get to a million pound mark if I do I have them after me I don't know what to do
  10. No contact since last payment which was early 2010. Never heard anything back.
  11. Hi I took a loan out from oakham ltd in october 2009 I have made payments in the past and paid around 120 quid of it but I went on a nervous breakdown and still mentaly unfit on my credit file It says balance for sept 13 is 115,396 pounds and I don't want to contact them and my panoia and anxiety are very bad now and I don't want to be found I can't pay that and I don't know who to go to
  12. I used cash at the postoffice still have the recipt
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