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  1. I'm fairly new to the forum, and am trying to find out how to value the remainder of a life interest in property and would be grateful for any help. This is the situation: A property owner accepted an amount of money from a married couple (both retired) in exchange for a permanent licence to occupy (accommodation for life / life interest) in an agreed part of the property. After ten years of living at the property, they have announced that they are divorcing. One of them wants to emigrate and is asking for a lump sum in return for him giving up his life interest in the property. His
  2. Thanks Andy, that makes perfect sense - AoS was sent off 1st class recorded delivery today, with the 'I intend to defend all of the claim' box ticked. As I'm helping him, I was going to to it online (MCOL), but it kept asking for a defence pack password - does anybody know where I can find this password, and if I can do an AoS online too, to cover him due to the potential loss of post? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Andy - With the AoS form, it's asks for the appropiate box to be ticked: 1. I intend to defend all of the claim 2. I intend to defend part of this claim 3. I intend to contest jurisdiction My friend would like to acknowledge service and extend to 28 days, but is not sure yet if he will accept all of the claim or defend part of it. He would like time to contact the claimant's solicitor as you suggested, to negotiate an amount and an affordable monthly repayment plan - can the 3 boxes just be left unticked? I also looked on the MCOL website and it asks for a defence pack pa
  4. Thanks Andy - I met him this morning, and he accepts that he doesn't have a defence. He suggested just asking to pay the outstanding invoices on an agreed monthly repayment plan, but I guess if he wants to be fair, the claimant should be entitled to some interest compensation (although 8% is very high - i would like to know where you can get that interest rate, I'd deposit my money there in a shot!). I think the suggestion of contacting the acting solicitor directly is the best bet, and offering to pay just the 2 outstanding invoices. Can the AoS still be extended to 28 days if he goes down
  5. Thanks - date of service was 22 July - I wanted to keep the post as anonymous as possible to protect his privacy, but understand that the date of service is important regarding the time frame.
  6. A friend called the other day asking for advice re. an old debt which has come back to haunt him - I'm not sure, so wanted to ask here for any advice. He has received an N1 claim form from Northampton County Court. Date of Service is 2x July 2013 The claim is for just over £4,000 and is for 2 outstanding invoices. The POC state: "The debt relates to non-payment of the following invoices. Please note that these invoices are inclusive of VAT and the oldest one (dated xx August 2007) has been paid in part. Invoice Number: xxx Invoice Date: xx.08.07 Due Date: xx.09.07
  7. Many thanks raydetinu for that excellent post - you've covered pretty much the whole dispute in a few sentences ( why can't most solicitors be so succint ). I don't want to give too much information as the dispute is still ongoing ( will happily do so when dispute is settled ), but do have good legal representation, although the legal bills are getting out of control. I have contacted my local council, who have accepted, with written confirmation, that I will be re-instated on the electoral roll from 1st August 2013. I have also contacted the three main CRA's who have all been helpf
  8. Thanks for the comments. I purchased the property in 2008 and am the sole legal owner, as confirmed on the Land Registry title. I allowed a family member to live at the property (the last 4 years) and this person is now claiming a beneficial interest (complex and cannot go into details) - I did accept money in exchange for allowing the person to stay at the property (licence to occupy). I lived at the property from the day of purchase, and was also on the electoral roll from the first day. The family member is also now on the electoral roll and opened the post in my absence. Due to
  9. I've just registered to this excellent forum, and am hopeful somebody can shed some light on my situation - grateful for all comments thanks. I have an ongoing legal dispute whereby I'm the sole legal owner of a property (clearly proven through the timing of the purchase), and after accepting an amount of money from a family member in exchange for a licence ( giving them the right to occupy, similar to a lodger), that person is now claiming a beneficial interest, claiming the money they paid and I accepted was a direct contribution to the purchase of the property. They are refusing to lea
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