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  1. Their default sum fee is £12 and so is their overlimit fee.
  2. Last August. I have been paying them token payments of £1 per month since.
  3. I thought a DCA may be easier to deal with than Sygma - they have just been completely and deliberately obtuse from the get go. I have been doing everything in writing though, and I request to continue doing this at the end of every letter I send to them. They invariably write back with, 'please call us on... to discuss your case further.' Errrr, nope! The debt is for a CC. The amount outstanding now is £2135. It was just under the 2k credit limit before they started whacking penalty charges on for me being over my limit (I was over my limit because they were putting on late payment fees for me paying less than my contractual payment!)
  4. Like you, StepChange said that they have no legal right to see any bank statements etc. but they're telling me that they're going to keep billing me for my contractual payments and subsequent default fees (which ironically took me over my original credit limit = more penalty charges). Yes, the debt is on my CRA files. I took the card out in 2006. I've never sent them a CCA request to be honest, as when we move, any 'spare' money will be going towards my bankruptcy fees (which I haven't told them) so I didn't see the point. Is it still worth doing? I never opted into any PPI with them either so that's a dead end.
  5. My first post here, so please bear with me... I have been out of work now for just over a year, when I had taken out my debts, I was in a well-paid job and could comfortably afford the repayments. My circumstances changed when I had to give up work and I was no longer able to afford my minimum payments - debts totalled 17k over 4 CCs and 1 loan. Contacted StepChange who helped me put together my I&E forms to send out and all but one accepted my token offer of £1 payment - Sygma (or Creation Finance). They have been a nightmare from day one - I've been harassed on the phone by them and had to send a letter asking them to remove my number under the DPA. Then they were wanting to know the details of what car my husband owned - when I explained to them that it was my sole debt and that I had taken out the CC before we even met, let alone got married, they weren't interested and accused me of being deliberately evasive. I used to call them up, but they were like attack dogs on the phone and one guy in particular called me a liar and said that my husband could probably cover my debts, but I was being deliberately unhelpful to them (his words were, 'some people genuinely need our help and some people just want to get out of paying their way ). He got really nasty, I had a good cry after I'd come off the phone and I'm not an overly emotional person. Fast forward to now, they are asking to see 3 months of wage slips (I don't work), 3 months of bank statements and any claims of benefits I receive. I told them that I have no wage slips, and any benefits we receive go into my husband's account as a joint claim (we only get child benefit and a small amount of CTC). As for the bank statements, I asked StepChange and they effectively told me to inform them to go whistle. Sygma replied today, saying that they need 3 months' worth of my bank statements, as well as 3 months' worth of my husband's bank statements, because that is where our benefit payments go. If I don't then they will continue to apply interest, default charges etc. to my account which will result in the balance increasing to unmanageable amounts and will be passed on to a DCA or followed up with court proceedings. If you've got this far, well done. Question is, what do I do next? There's about £25 in my bank account, but my husband has said that they'll see his bank statements over his dead body. I wouldn't mind if he was on a footballer's wage, but we're downsizing to a new house next month as we're just about breaking even each month where we are at the moment, so it's not like we have loads of spare cash between us. Any advice?
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