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  1. Well I am amazed. I got my phone back on Saturday. And guess what!!!!! There is absolutely no damage to it at all. Remember I said in my earlier thread that they had reduced the offer from £146.15 to £51.00. All I can say to those in the same situation is do what I did. Which was I hounded them, threatened them with court action, even when they terminated the call because I had threatened legal action, I rang them straight back. I did pay the £8.95 fee to get phone returned and I must admit I did think they had just conned me for another 8.95. But the mobile did come back to me and undamaged.
  2. Maybe we should all form a group and take legal action against them together, seems to me that the way every story is told you cannot win you either get offered a reduced price for your phone or get your phone back damaged.
  3. I was quoted £146.15. They sent me a flimsy envelope. I double wrapped my pristine conditioned Iphone 4. and posted it to them. They said they sent me an email stating that the back casing was cracked and offered me £51.15. I found their telephone number on the [problem] website. I rang them and told them to return my mobile or I would take legal Action. They informed me that because I had threatened them they would terminate my telephone conversation. Eventually the person I was speaking to whose name was Frank told me he would look into it and ring me back. Amazed as I was he did ring me bac
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