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  1. Hi dx100ukIs that because the card is so old?Shall I just give up on this cliam then?Thanks
  2. I sent two SAR requests to HFC one for the Marbles card and one for the Goldfish card, they responded regarding the Goldfish card saying they had no information on me at all and returned my £10.00 payment, but completely ignored the one regarding the Marbles card and also did not return the £10.00 payment either. Should I send SAR request to Marbles instead then?
  3. As I stated previously I did contact Marbels but they just said they had no details on myself and that I need a credit card number even though I gave them name, address DOB etc.
  4. Hi Brigadier2jcs I don't understand what you mean by the debt collection agency, both cards were taken through HFC, neither of the cards were ever in arrears or default. Also I have no records of credit cards numbers or statements, so I feel that maybe it is all a waste of time perhaps. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I had two credit cards both taken through HFC around 1998, I sent HFC a SAR to gain information on the two credit cards. Goldfish & Marbles. They sent a letter back and my postal order saying that they have no information on me at all but they didn't reply regarding the Marbles credit card. I contacted Marbels who say they also have no information on me either. Unfortunately I do not have any paper work or credit card numbers. Is this a lost cause?
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