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  1. All I really want to know is under what legislation the fine is being issued to make sure it is a legally enforceable fine. I will pay the charge but only if it has been legally issued. I know that when we had properly trained Traffic Wardens instead of council paid on commission ticket issuers, Wardens were taught to look at the Tax Disc and if it showed as Disabled they issued a warning and tried where possible to catch the driver so that the legality of using the disabled bay could be verified to catch they non entitled.
  2. It is a Penalty Charge Notice. I assume I can look up this act's on the internet? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, I recently parked in a Disabled Parking Bay policed by my local Council , Maidstone. I like many others hide the Blue Badge to prevent theft and so must remember to get it from its hiding place. On this occasion I forget as I had just received a disturbing letter and went to discuss this with Citizens Advice. When I returned to my car a Fixed Penalty Notice fpn had been issued for failing to display the Blue Badge. Although I showed the Council that I had a valid badge, the fine remains payable. What I would like to know is the actual Offence and under which piece of legislation
  4. Hi, Police Officer's are unable ti issue a fpn for no MOT so hence the summons. I think he may have been trying to pacify you over the size of fine but as this case now shows he should not have said anything. I would write to Police HQ concerning this as there is time to withdraw the summons or offer no evidence at court on the day.
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me what the exact offence is of not displaying a blue badge? I am trying to find the appropriate legislation that creates the offence or allows a fpn to be issued. Any help would be most welcome
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