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  1. Thanks mate. Have read elsewhere on here that it is best to tell them that I am no longer in the country and provide a PO Box address in my current Country for them to send there threatening lettered to. Apparently once they have been officially told of lack of UK residency there are unable to CCJ against a UK address. Would like to know if anyone can verify this and confirm that this is a sensible course of action Will now read your threads!- cheers
  2. Hi, Was wondering if any has had any experience with Ruthbridge or any other bottom feeding dca actually taking anyone to court? Are they all mouth and trousers or do they ever fulfil their threats? I have 4 year old debt now in their hands.
  3. Hi, I've been living overseas for almost 5 years and have defaulted on UK several loans\credit cards close to 4 years ago. I have just paid for a search which has come up clear of any CCJ. My question is if a CCJ was to be filed for would it not have already been done so by now. One of my debts has been sold on at least 3 times already but thankfully no CCJ. Also does the 6 year period before the debt can be statute barred start from issue of a CCJ or the date of initial default? Thank you
  4. Thank you for your helpful reply. One question about the letter of disassociation is that should this be signed at all with a yours Sincerely Mr...........l, or should it terminate just as you have shown below. Thanks again Ref: your name. Sir/Madam Formal Notice of Disassociation: TAKE NOTE Mr xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx is NOT NOW NOR EVER HAS BEEN RESIDENT AT (give address) Ruthbridge Ltd WILL now cease sending mail addressed to Mr xxxxx xxxx to this address and MUST desist from doing so in the future. Failure to comply will results in complaints to the OFT and the
  5. I am looking for any advice regarding my debt issues. I left the UK almost 5 years ago to Live in Aus. On leaving I paid back all debts except a bank loan which I continued to repay for nearly 18 months. Due to financial stress I had no option but to use UK credit cards to pay for food, fees etc. I still managed to make repayments for these for about 18 months. In short I owe approx. 20k GB before any interest is added. I have never until last week received any correspondence regarding the non payment of this debt here in Aus. I was aware that a letter or 2 had been sent to
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