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  1. Hi Seq,

    Yes I was a sole trader, and NOT a limited company.

    It was a leasehold property and , I'm not sure what you mean by how much equity i had in the property, I just left all the equipment i had in the shop and closed the doors, the equipment did not not amount to much is monetary terms.

    When you ask, how much is the outstanding liability, do you mean how long was remaining on the lease.

  2. Hi, Please can anyone give me advice on what to do.


    I was a sole trader and bought an ongoing business (sandwich bar & Coffee shop) in 2007. However in March 2013 i had to make the difficult decision to close the shop up and dissolve the business due to the recession and health issues. But I am still tied into a long lease. The agents representing the Landlord (Bournemouth University) are now hounding me for rent on the shop and the council are requesting continued payment for rates and Bournemouth Bid Levy, money i just do not have.


    I am now un employed and having to claim benefits. I own my home and pay a mortgage and I am terrified that the Landlord and council will try to get me to sell my home as this is where my assets are.

    I am aware that the landlord will do everything in their power to try to get me to pay rent, and im worried that because i have assets in my home, can they take my home away from me.


    I am prepared to go to court over this, I a not a criminal and did not wish this to happen, i tried everything to avoid going bust, but my losses in the business were getting worse and i could not continue to tade..


    does anyone have any advice




    :???: Vince

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