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  1. Went Tiger Tiger, I'm dancing upstairs on the dance floor for a couple hours not hassling anyone trying not to cause any problems. After a few hours on the floor and a couple smokes outside I decided to stand on the side as I was getting tired and was the last hour of the club. This is when I started getting odd looks from one of the bouncer on the platform, at first I thought he was trying to make sure I wasn't sick or on some sort of drug, so I look back at him so he knows I'm not either of the two. The looks stop for awhile but then him and the manager both start looking at me. The manager comes up and asks me to follow him, already I knew I was being kicked out but the reason why eluded me. As soon as I'm outside he tells me that a female has complained that you've been touching her, which shocked me as I thought the club was pretty full and even dancing or moving around you be around groups of people. So I argued with him to bring the girl out to identify me or show me CCTV of this, he does neither and goes back in. So I want to know if I'm able to complain (at least get a refund or some sort of apology) about this and how'd I would go about doing this. Any address or E-mail for a main office would be helpful too.
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