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  1. Hi, Thanks for a prompt reply.. Yes i am in reciept of state pension since March 2012. In signing "on" i was sent a form to fill for the Employment Allowance , if that is signing on then yes .That is the extent of my knowledge on that question, sorry, as i said i knew nothing, as i had never been unemployed for fourty years. The DWP investigators had a breakdown of my wages already when interviewed . Les...
  2. Hi . My background : 66 years old . Pensioner. Finished full time work due to redundency in 2010 , did not know what to do about being unemployed so rung the Job Centre . Forwarded to DWP Preston . Explained my situation advised them i had health problems Angina and Arthritus so work scope was limited . They advised that i should apply for Employment Support Allowance and that they would place me in a work group together with help from a additional allowance to Unemployment Benefit ! That continued for nearly a year in the meantime my doctor had referred me to the local Heartwise Gro
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